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Apple doesn't depend on the other TV networks, as the device has potential at so many other areas, and looking at the success o the iPhone and of the companies that made fortune developing apps on it, it really looks like a moneymaking machine. And this is just the first generation model.
I wish it were right. Only 10% for printing and paper??? first of all, it always depends on how many copies they print from that book. I just know magazine printing where this cost of printing and paper, especially the paper is the biggest part of all costs.
this small firm with that awesome(?) technology could have been interesting for those iPhone-competitors that can't offer multitouch-interface. Why didn't they get this before amazon? Palm, REM, MS, Samsung etc. if this is so awesome... are these 6 people really as cool as Amazon says?
I clicked on the link and saw the other pictures. It's not only about the stand. It can be untrue, however very nice idea, makes sense, very impressive!
IMO the tablet must run OS 4.0, and the tested devices were iPhones with OS 3.2. As they couldn't release that version 3.2 yet because of the too many tablet-related info showing inside, it says to me that it was running on the iPhone.
I agree. And the idea of sharing a device but not sharing privacy needs high security-level that a face identification software would NEVER be able to reach. I can put a photo of any member in front of the gadget's webcam. And what about people who don't have the same outlook every they, e.g. shave their face once a week, or women with died hair etc. And what about twins? face identification needs confirmation. It would be great having a gadget for the whole family, but...
this is BS! so what the hell would Apple do with that first-step creaton, iPad, after being released the iSlate? this can't happen IMHO.
I don't understand you, guys... why do you think the tablet would be subsidized??? it's not expected to be a big-screen iPhone, it's much more likely to serve as a "super-iPod Touch" that you can't buy with contract, evenif you can be connected to the internet via wifi. So, why should we need 3G network for that? if the iPod Touch sells great with wifi...
this exactly doesn't mean the name will be iPad, as they trademarked many other potential names, too. And protecting themselves against Fujitsu is just to protect the "latest creaton" whatever it'll be called.
what would this website do if 10 people sent 10 different pictures about the new product? I mean, no doubt they would just pay after the apple event, but how could they choose any of the received "proofs"? or would they publish all of them?
New Posts  All Forums: