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I think you're wrong. A case can be to protect it when it's not in use, many "socks" of mobile phones are like that. You just pull the phone out of the case when you need it. And it doesn't matter if cases exist for the earlier gen iphones, the new iphone doesn't necessarily have to fit in the old cases. Just look at the variety of size between the generations of iPod.
I can rather imagine a touch-sensitive back casing for the tablet. at least at the edges for 2 or 3 fingers... However, on the iPhone it could be used only as an extra feature for navigation in specific apps, and not during phone calls, of course. But a touch-sensitive back casing eliminate the possibility of the removable battery that we don't expect anyway. The stylus option could be useful in apps for specific areas that needs precise pointing.
- I think many tabloids would pay even more for a pict, but until Jan. 27th could be difficult to prove it's not fake.- someone from those Asian firms that produce it, could risk it, but one of them already committed suicide after having lost a next gen iphone, right?- this one is just ridiculous!!! that person so close to SJ wouldn't risk for such a low price, or for any prize.- so what? c'mon, this is only for free publicity to that website, and thanks to AI and others,...
yeah, it's time to refresh the Macbook Pro line, everyone knows it. Last time was about half year ago and Apple's refreshed this line twice a year, so it can't be the big attraction of the event, but it's possible that SJ let the "and one more thing" message with the tablet at the end... it's almost like a tv show
why? there are many third-party external batteries/chargers, even the solar ones. If someone needs more working hours on the go, what would be the difference between removable extra battery and external battery/charger?
I thought display panels were produced in big size and they cut it in smaller pieces. So, if there's shortage about a type of display it doesn't necessarily say, for me, the size. It can be due to orders of panels in smaller size by Apple (or whoever). Am I wrong?
this article, as many others from last weeks, is just for manipulate share-holders... and analysts are the manipulators, they don't analyze anything but the effect of these manipulation. I'm tired of this shit. Could I just get a selective list of the news from AI? and I don't want to hear all the rumors again that have already been published. Please!
because terrorists are buying those iPhones sold in France that could explode. but seriously, it's so ridiculous. This nigerian was known as potential terrorist, why don't US security officers just do their work instead of freaking out all other passengers, creating useless rules like you can't use any gadget to recognize your position of the flight. OMG, is it so dificult to imagine people realizing that the flight is lowering its flying hight? you don't need GPS, don't...
Dear AI, Couldn't you just put these lines of speculations without the recapitulation of the matter? It's really annoying that when an analyst open his mouth and says 2 ou 3 sentences (of speculation), you resume and repeat all the other rumors from the past 6 months. It's so redundant! I'm not fan of twitter but you should use that length for each post because you don't come up with more new infos at all.
Hey guys! I saw the apple tablet appearing in the movie Avatar. (maybe it wasn't the first generation of the tablet)
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