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for me this is the most interesting part, how is it gonna' look like, tranparent enough.
but in that truck and beer ads you can usually see some hot chicks, too.
It's not necessary. There's a case for that.About the white colour, every iPod/iPhone comes with white earphone...The strategy of Motorola at that ad would be OK if people didn't know the iPhone. But everyone knows it, unlike knowing the Droid. So, for me the ad says, if you want to recognize our Droid phones, just look for the ugliest products on the market
am I the only who thinks strange that when Apple opens its stores with trendy design in posh areas, in the same time lets sell its product at a Tesco? they wanted to differentiate their products, so how is that philosophy now?
OLED for tablet with functionality of e-reader? I thought OLED technology would consume much more battery with white background, that is the normal way for reading.
these fat employees in the video really need some aerobic lessons, I agree, but during their shift? or perhaps they were forced to eat that win7 sandwich sold by the Japanese BK on the first week? So, if someone enters in that MS store and needs some help, would have to wait until the end of the song? you know, for attracting attention they need to show anything but not the MS products. Well done! btw, to attract attention, this aerobic lesson wouldn't be such a...
- there the prisoners are not only people accused about 9/11, but I'm sorry that mentioning the name of that place was touching you so deeply. Of course, i didn't mean it seriously. Seriously, why this company thought they could fight against law, against the whole industry? I mean, this behavior hasn't been usual before, at all (only mafias do it in countries where they control the law or the corruption is much higher than in the occidental countries). Where does those...
they should send these sh*thead psystar-creators to Guantanamo!
I'm wondering how it will be in a cold winter-day... btw heating that huge space, well, this is a kind of architecture just thinking about design but not functionality. And what about the noise? if there are just half of as many people as can fit conveniently, they must whistle for not to disturb each other.
Why do you (and many others) say and think this all the time? as if Apple didn't push itself forward without any pressure of competitors... none of them got close to apple, yet it comes out with new developments all the time.Why are you thinking that any pressure could accelerate it more? I don't think this kind of threat can do good for the company's dev plan.And none of the competitors tried to compete about the quality, about originality, all of them tries to enter in...
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