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no HDMI trick... no purchase?
man, don't be ridiculous, there's no white balance (if you do auto level, contrast or even auto color with any in PS, will see the difference), especially look at the pict with the keyboards. And the straight lines are curved in almost all of the picts, and there's hardly any sharpness. This is exactly what a cellphone camera does. (I don't wanna' ask if it's been taken with an iPhone3GS.) But I know it's not so important when others just repeatedly argue about displayport...
Please, AI, could you get a better digital camera for taking the photos for your article??? seriously, why don't you care??? This article was even not a review, you admitted at the end that there was coming the real review next week. Any semi-professional or even a good one among the compacts can be more useful than these crap cellphone pictures with horrible lightings.
why couldn't AI take the pictures matching with the same size 13"MPB rather than with the 15" model? it would be nicer to show differences and similarities of the design.
Will they sell this BK Wooper in the new MS Retail Store?
looking at the pictures about the new Macbook on apple.com as well as in this AI article there's a grey thing looks like IR port, exactly on the same place on the front side where it can be found on the MBP. Am I wrong? what is it for if not for IR?
commercial-free??? so promoting W7 is what?
- you are a PC, buy a (non-mac)pc!
How did Steve Jobs finish his last keynote? it was something like: we'll see you very soon.
To calm the shareholders, would've been much cleverer explaining first of all why people buy mac? mostly not (only) because of the OS. There are a lot of aspects: marketing, distribution, design, easy to use interface with many useful softwares added, trend, and I guess even the Genious Bar can help in it.W7 could be a very good OS, so what? since we learnt that even Vista runs faster on mac hardware than on pc.And as we also know how many of us buy windows to our...
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