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what a stupid hypothesis is this article. But I know, these analists have to do something to show they've done their job. It's possible that when one company advertises its products, it can animate the competitors' consumers, as well. But the result always depends on the strategy and the productline of each company. So this article for me was just blablabla, with no sense. Sorry.
80 phones with different screen size, different type of input, different kind of hardware. Yeah, it's like selling the same tire for 80 different models of car. Very clever idea!
it could be a nice and stylish iPod Dock but they invented it too early, and couldn't finish the connection part, then someone labeled it wrongly as a mouse.
rather MackeyMouse ...but seriously, it doesn't matter what name do they choose. And what if the new mouse won't be funcionally a mouse anymore.Or I can also imagine a plain mouse with touch pad on the top. You hold it with your thumb and the little finger and move it as you did with the mouse, and the other three fingers can do the gestures on the touch sensitive top.Maybe it could cause pain, so they can find other ways to fix it to your palm for the moving instead of...
how many products can come out from these manufacturers illegally to the black market? I've talken to many turists during my travels who just traveled home from their trip to China, that they bought many unblocked iPhones there in a very cheap price. That's why, I believe, iPod/iPhone (and in the future: Tablet) users' statistic by Apple can be underestimated. ...am I wrong?
we started at the point that those prototypes in the picture looks so ugly. Then some told, yes but prototypes don't necessarely have to look as the final product. Then I said that actually there was a product that was not prototype and looks as ugly as these, the Zune. I didn't want to start discussions about the usability of the Zune...sorry, but you're totally wrong. Right now I'm using a cheap Logitech RX250 mouse plugged into an old apple extended keyboard (that came...
I think it included taxes. And a few years ago if someone wanted to buy e.g. a macbook in Brazil, it costed over the double the price than in the US. So, now it's still a bit more expensive than in Europe, however it's already a huge change.
before this oficial Brazilian Apple Store site, it's been really difficult to check the prices of the apple products there. The previous site only showed a list of distributors, most without homepage link, and those that had a page, hardly ever published any price. Was it that a huge secret??? I never understood. And usually you could mostly find older mac models selling on the price of the new ones, with 6 months or a year delay. (especially in FNAC stores) Poor...
excuse me? I said it looked like a prototype, I didn't mention usability. My opinion was about the ugly looks of that brown Zune. And about the MS mouse. Using it with macs it's quite annoying when returning from sleep mode the MS mouse doesn't come back to life. I have to disconnect and reconnect its USB cable to bring it back to work.
as I just wrote in my post a few minutes earlier, look at the Zune!
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