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It kind of depends on the particular site. Some companies are already designing a mobile version of their site so it doesn't really matter if the "standard" version utilizes flash or not.
Here is some fun and related news: http://newsticker.welt.de/?module=smarthouse&id=949121 Apparently at least some iteration of flash is coming to iPhone via CS5
We are already maintaing mobile versions.
Agreed on all points. I just don't see it happening. My vision of the future is that Flash and Silverlight will be on mobile phones and offer developers a common way to makes mobile apps essentially giving those platforms free app stores and developers ubiquitous development tools. There is no reason all of this can't be accomplished by HTML5/JS/CSS and webkit I just don't see it happening.
I agree, I also think the reason Apple is pushing it is because they don't want a free Flash based app store. But Adobe and Microsoft are both pushing incredibly hard for their own proprietary solutions to be in the mobile world as well, and the likely reality is that just as the web is divided today so to will the mobile web be. Which is unfortunate.
Addendum, Windows Mobile 7 will come out and will be adopted by many users, it doesn't use webkit and it will matter. Microsft isn't just going to rollover and play dead, although I'm sure many of of wish they would. Anyway I'm off to get my flu shot.....interesting conversation however, take care guys.
The problem with Java however is that it is also plug-in based and proprietary, not to mention that developing it is typically outside of the standard web developers toolkit. At least that's my understanding, I am not entirely familiar with it so correct me if I am wrong.
Its incredibly valuable, as evidenced by the huge amount of money poured into it every year. You have to remember that the mobile browser market is in a relative sense, very new and you're talking about current market conditions, not future market conditions. Mobile web usage, and "smart phone" usage are nothing compared to cell phone usage overall and PC web usage as a whole. Right now Apple is a big fish in a relatively small pond. The size of that pond is going to...
Actually, thats not true. They CAN however be built with HTML 5, CSS 3 and Javascript. Or at least close enough, which would actually be fine by me, if IE supported all this as well. But then, it doesn't really, so the only way to do this kind of stuff in ALL browsers is flash.
totally agree. I do see the evolution of Javascript as a possible solution to this however, don't you? It is already ubiquitous, it doesn't require a plug-in and if they can ever get JS2 and someday JS3 out the door it will offer an amazing amount of functionality. Also the proliferation of JS libraries like JQuery, MooTools and Scriptaculous make developing it easier than ever....maybe I'm just dreaming.
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