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Those stuff sound interesting. But the biggest problem is the source - MacOSRumor - a site with nothing but BS.
I know the video card is the weak part. But due to the project I will have to do some compromise.
My family is a medium size family with approx 35 members and 18 of them use computer. I looked back and found out in the last 7 years the % of Mac users in my family has been up from less than 1% (me) to now 55%. The % jump started with the Luxo Juror (that table lamp iMac)....then stalled. Then after the Intel switch the % jump to the current level in less than 10 months. One of the switcher in my family (my youngest aunt) is an accountant and she bought the 24" iMac...
Popped in the extra RAM and HD and then run a few test Cinema and AE on this MacPro, compare to my G5, is night and day
I was hoping for something new to come out at WWDC but turned out nothing. But since the new projects are starting end of the month I really can't wait any longer. Got it today. Pretty much a stock machine (2x2.66GHz, stock video card) except with dual DVD burner. Another 4GB of RAM (to bring up to 5GB total) is coming and hopefully be here either tomorrow or Monday. It's at my home now and I am still in the middle of installing all the essential applications....
Ah, after over two years of dead silence on my web comic project I am finally resuming it. Well, I pulled down the entire site a few days ago because I no longer want people to look at the old stuff. Why? Because I have rewritten the entire story and lots of things presented in the old site will no longer related to the new story. Same to the characters, they are now under major overhaul. I spent the last few days in front of my computer, looked at all my files, and...
Is it just me? But I find the new Leopard UI somehow looks like Vista
Headless Mac, even with compromised spec, is still good for many people and companies (ie. print design houses). They can buy many of that instead of just one or two MacPros
Hm....the reason I can think of not getting a MacPro is it's Rev A
I heard that from somewhere too!
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