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Somebody needs a hug. 
iPads are released in the fall, so if there even is an iPad Pro that's probably when it was going to be released anyway.
I was thinking the same thing. They need to get it down to at least $129 or better $99, if they really want to compete.
I want an apology.
The quote I pulled is a fact of the regulation. All the other garbage that you quoted him saying is his opinion.
Ok, but remember this works both ways. None of you ever provide any sources or evidence. Here's where the quote came from, http://www.nationaljournal.com/tech/republican-fcc-commissioner-public-is-being-misled-about-net-neutrality-plan-20150210
I also found this,   The Republican commissioner (Ajit Pai)  acknowledged that the actual regulations take up just eight pages of the document.
Here's what I found regarding the 300 page document these partisan kooks keep referring,   No, the FCC does not have a 332 page plan to regulate the internet. Tom Wheeler has a plan, although it is much much shorter to 332. The 300+ pages is for a document that includes his plan, a long explanation of the reasons and the authorities for each part, and a long look at the large number of comments that were received after last years FCC plan. The FCC will have a plan if...
No you don't. You couldn't even make a coherent, well thought out argument by yourself. All you did was post links and videos to some hacks website.If libertarianism is so great, why aren't other countries clamoring to give it a try?Don't put words in my mouth. I believe in democracy and fair trade. Libertarians would have the poor and unfortunate die in the streets.
Ok I did listen to it. I don't think you did though because his guest basically describes how good Somalia is doing. Seriously that's insane. But of course neither of them are about to move there. I would suggest listening so Sam Seder debate Libertarian Professor Walter Block. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BhcdVubtZ0 The point of all this is that libertarianism is a fantasy. Even with communism you can point to countries that have at least tried it. Naturally they all...
New Posts  All Forums: