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Hope they don't work on commission. haha
Is there a way to 'dislike' a news story in this app so that you'd see less like them?
This would be a great idea in a world that didn't have Apple Pay and the other similar services but as this isn't that world, this seems DOA. Best of luck though.
Spawn all you want, Android is still being camped by Apple.
 Not mad. I do think Jimmy Iovine is a bit of sleaze bag though.
This sounds dumb as hell. Music benefits from curation because of the vast amounts available.
Yes because that really helped with Firewire. 
huh... as a Dolphin's fan in Orlando this should mean I'll be able to watch their games. Since the horrible Jags took over the TV rights here. We'll see though.
Still can't believe so many sites still use this garbage. Especially when they're already serving up the same content to iOS devices without using it.
New Posts  All Forums: