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These articles are hilarious in their absurdity. 
Seems silly.
 Do you not realize that what we've had since the start of the internet was Net Neutrality? The regulation is just preserving the status quo.
Exactly why he won't answer it, because he's arguing the opposite.
 So I guess the vast majority of tech companies need to get an education too, because you're smarter than all of them.
If Netflix services would be crap as a result of Net Neutrality, why are they in favor of it?
Still haven't explained why the vast majority of tech firms are in favor of Neutrality.
All the major tech firms are in favor of Neutrality. So you're saying you know better than all the engineers at Apple, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft.. etc. combined. Good luck with that. 
Netflix is paying for higher bandwidth. You argue as if they're paying for a consumer level internet connection. 
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