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Suck it, VirnetX. -Apple
"Please, God, buy our phones!!!" -Samsung
I got app codes that actually worked today. I redeemed my app code and downloaded ML. I did a full Time Machine backup prior to install. Upon completion of the install, my Retina MBP got the screen that my computer has restarted because an error occurred. I have gotten into the Recovery Mode and repaired permissions and am reinstalling from the recovery screen. Any ideas why this is happening? We had another computer do the same thing yesterday.
We have had 2 machines have the kernel panic as you described. What can we do to fix this?
That's my point. I mean it's right there on the little picture, but nobody even seems the least bit concerned.
If I were to say something like that, it would come out kinda creepy, and I'd probably be arrested. Apple somehow gets away with it.
"The new HTML5 layer of Windows 8 works like the Dashboard layer of Mac OS X, although rather than only supplying quick assess to simple widgets, the new "Windows 8 apps" are intended to supply a layer of highly animated, full screen, touch-based apps capable of competing with native apps running on Apple's iPad." Now was he trying to say access or asses? Hmmm? I mean, it is Windoze we're talking about.
So is he STILL a global supply manager for Apple? Nowhere is listing him as a "former" Apple global supply manager, but it seems that Apple would have fired him before filing suit against him, right? -360
So far, I've gotten to the choose data plan page before it finally errored and made me start over.
[laughing] "Indisputably?" Are you serious? Flash makes this tablet better than the iPad? [/laughing] Wow, next time you try to think, reconsider. When HP gets done with this thing, it will probably have a battery life of an older digital camera. Click. Flash. Done. Reload. Adding Flash is not the end game for the iPad, sorry. -360
New Posts  All Forums: