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give the UI back to micro$haft... pure ugliness. one more reason to not upgrade. sad...
Jessi, MJ and of course the MODS... Funny how just a few get it. For those without a clue here are some terms to look up...   IMF MIC Federal reserve act of 1934...   a few places to start...   There is no vote, there is no "free" country... Just the place we allowed them to build over the last 200 years... 1984 anyone? we are all prisoners in a GLOBAL gilded cage, sad but true. Get over it and go buy some bling for your device and eat at Sicky...
I should have been clearer in that they can not be trusted as to what they are working on. again, redirect, obfuscate, then amaze the world. maybe the term lie was a bit too strong??? 
Brilliant. agreed.
uh I think you missed the point of what I was referring to. basically that he said they would not do the small tablet all the while perfecting their version of it.  
I would not go so far as to say disavow, but I agree in that it changed. As to the phone, from my perspective/use I could argue that it's really not a phone but a pocket mac that makes phone calls. The utility it provides takes it way past the ole bake-o-lite rotary phones (think i have one somewhere), but that is just splitting hairs.    no need to argue the second point. I would concur that the definition of tablet changed with the introduction of iPad. However my...
well, I guess I could have said it better. The original concept of what we call a tablet was based off a laptop (modbook etc...). the 10" ipad changed that view. I would say that the mini (even though a full on pad/tablet whatever) while giving us that kind of power, while fitting in one hand does not "feel" like a tablet. Don't hate, just waiting on mine! ;)
sorry man, to clarify... 1.) public comments are just that, so much smoke.  2.) see #1   c'mon now Soli, you of all people here should realize that it is all part of dis/mis information. the Apple style. Claim you would never do it, take your time, do it right, then amaze the world.
I would agree with the goldilocks remark. but i would counter that the mini is not a "tablet" per se. an old saying comes to mind, mobility IS nobility.  
I dunno. Steve said he had cracked the code so to speak with regards to tv. The cable/networks etc... do not necessarily own the content but are issued mechanical license for broadcast from the owners of the publishing, similar deal to the music industry. My thought is he was working the publishing angle to get the content turning the telcos and cable cos into what they really are, just dumb pipes. He was the only one in hollywood with enough "juice" to pull this off. As...
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