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FINALLY!!! someone that gets it. Eloquently put sir!
maybe we will finally get the virtual assistant from the knowledge navigator. well i can hope...
good artists copy, great artists steal... too little too late. hope they enjoy the race to the bottom.
Good cock block for the patent trolls. if not, glad I will be using tiger for the forseeable future....
welcome to America... Sad....
Yes I have and I'm not disputing the fact that a lot of people shop at walmart which would increase apple's exposure and generate more sales. I mearly stated that in my opinion it would cheapen their brand image, not that it really matters. I use apple products because I feel I get value for the money I spend, which of course is subjective.
I'm neither a fan or hater of walmart but let's face it, walmart stands for cheap. why would apple want to represent themselves in that way? I feel it would de-value their brand image. but that is JMHO.
Best post of the day!!! LOL... thank you for the laugh.
Sir, you are my hero. Why are you not writing for AI?
New Posts  All Forums: