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Best post of the day!!! LOL... thank you for the laugh.
Sir, you are my hero. Why are you not writing for AI?
thank you.
Quadra, Well said sir!!!
at long last, the end of flash is near... WOOO HOOOO!!! now if they could just kill off asp...
actually my sources tell me the creation is going to be the expandable mini tower mac. a mac mini on steroids... Woo Hoo!!!
Well said sir!!!
Bring back PPC!!!! funny how nobody cared when it was ppc. Burn psytar burn...
@Ireland not quite. a good portion of mac users also have windows in some incarnation, either on the mac or pc boxen. besides MS real money does not come from the consumer but business and government, just take a look at the liscence scheme. does CAL ring a bell? the point being that there is no threat to microsoft other than microsoft (looking at you ballmer). Apple will never fly in the enterprise, I know I work there. sux but is the truth.
New Posts  All Forums: