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While I am against using this illegally and think those that do so should be legally punished, I don't think banning the software or declaring it illegal is the right plan when it comes to our personal freedoms. There are still good uses for this tech. The government does use tech like this already (presumably with a court order) too which seems kind of two faced. I plan to use software like that on my kids phones (12 to 16). They will be aware of it and know that any...
Apple cannot decrypt that data Apple *could* decrypt it if they wanted to. They have root access to the phone to be able to get to the keys on both ends. Assuming they are not doing so no they would just need an update to put that code into iOS to do so. They might not have programmed the phones to do so currenly (or did they?) but it is possible. Cannot should be 'will not'. The best way to word that would be... Apple has currently programmed iOS to not give Apple...
I find it strange that stelligent thinks this is a very unfinished product. I am surprised how stable the current beta actually is. It should be a given that this is a beta and bugs are expected and I have found a few crash bugs. I don't see any major issues with it though unlike previous betas I have tested where major functionality was affected with the first betas. I honestly expected major issues with the first build that changes so much in the OS. I have been...
$75 and it impacts reception? That is precisely why most other covers do not use Aluminum. It doesn't sound like they really researched the most basic aspects of a bumper of case. Why wouldn't you research a material that doesn't interfere from the start? The most important feature of a phone is the phone signal. Even 15% can be an issue if you are in a fringe area and need to use the phone.
http://campl.us/posts/6iPhoneCameras iPhone 4 has better low light details than the iPhone 4s. That is disappointing because I just upgraded to the 4s about 3 months ago from a 4.
The biggest problem I have is that the company removed the previous apps (1Password Pro, etc) from the appstore when they released this new app as a separate app.  I can not download 1Password Pro from the app store anymore even thought I paid for it and it was perfectly functional for me and others I am sure too.  I had lost my itunes backups of apps when my hard drive crashed.  I still have the password database on a backup flash drive.  I now have no way to get the...
If Apple would support IMAP-PUSH we could get push through the standard IMAP protocol instead of needing the proprietary exchange Active-Sync protocol. Google supports IMAP-PUSH. Apple does not. They just need to implement that now that Active-Sync is not available for new devices on gmail.
When does unlimited not mean unlimited? This is ridiculous. I paid for an unlimited #@$$ plan. That is what I should get!
I am for protecting patents that are meaningful but really? The USPS approved that peek patent? That is something that is very obvious (to me anyway).
Great... So now we will need a smart cover to protect the smart cover.
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