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Great... So now we will need a smart cover to protect the smart cover.
It is not that simple.  Developers do need beta testers.  That is the intent of the whole scheme.  Some people are just cashing in on it and selling them.  Apple just needs to update their policy to specifically not allow selling developer testing slots.
Unless you can make it the default browser which Apple seems to be way too restrictive on I don't see it gaining much attraction.  I will still use it mainly for it's syncing functions but until I can click on a link in an email on the iphone and have it launch google's browser I don't see it hitting critical mass.   Hmmm..  now that I think about it I see a feature that google could add so that it would make at least urls in gmail emails load in their browser.  Just...
Instead of selling one to each family member they could just sell one per family.  I am sure they are making this a top priority! ;)  Seriously though it would be nice for parents to restrict what apps the kids see when they let them use it.
I don't want it thinner.  It is already uncomfortably thin as it is.  I actually use a case to give it a thicker profile for a better grip.  I would rather they used that 2mm to double the battery life.  Phones don't last long enough when you start using GPS features.  I figured Apple would get that by now with the iPad's long battery life.
wrong thread... oops
The battery increased about 70% in capacity but the charge rate is kept the same (same charger). So now it takes longer to charge the ipad 3 vs ipad 2. I was hoping a bigger charger for the ipad to keep the charging time the same.
That doesn't even come close to the ease of deploying to users via testflightapp.com. I assume you are not a developer based on your comment.
There goes the great site called testflight (testflightapp.com). That site made it very easy for developers to deploy beta builds of apps to beta testers. The app/browser should just ask if you want to allow access. Why deny it completely when there are good uses for it?
I am just basing that screen resolution matters based on my preference and 2 others at work that converted just because of the bigger screen. There are a bunch of people with iphones where I work but Android is just as popular because of the customization and/or screen size (I have only owned iphones). They are not really techies and realize that Android gives them more options for customization. None of the people at workt seem to have that many iphone apps (unlike me)...
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