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I sure hope they are wrong. I skipped the 4s because of the same screen size as the 4. If they don't make a larger screen I will probably convert the wife and myself to Android (we will both be out of contract then). She has a 3gs and I have a 4. I rarely use the iphone apps since getting an ipad 1, ipad 2, and now ipad 3. The only thing I would miss would be photo stream. I sure hope Apple realizes by now that a bigger screen is needed for the iphone.
I hope you have someone at home to accept and sign it for you. I am sure you are not foolish enough to pre-sign on the fedex website and have them leave it by your door. I am sure there will be some scum of the earth just walking through neighborhoods looking for a certain package size at doors on Friday.
You have to uncheck the 'GLBenchmark Team Tested only' on the glbenchmark site to get the ipad 3 results because the info is user submitted data. http://www.glbenchmark.com/compare.j...0Prime%20TF201 It is impressive but all the numbers are maximum of 2 x improvement as expected by the doubling of the graphics cores. I am still excited about it. For 3D games that stay at the ipad 2 resolution and use the greater performance of the ipad 3 they will be able to get almost...
I don't see how there is any chance that 1024x768 vs 2048x1536 polygon rendering being the same. I suspect it will be half the speed or less than the ipad 2 when rendering the same number of polygons on the higher resolution with everything else being equal. Graphics acceleration is double from ipad 2, CPU is the same, and we have 4 times the amount of pixels. You probably wont see the difference in games tweaked for the ipad 3 retina display though. The developers...
I would pay $15 for a version of Tie Figher or X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter on the iphone or ipad. Even if they kept all graphics and gameplay the same but just increased resolution. shaded polygon graphics are ok with me. It was the gameplay that was the best.
So in other words PIH has very little to lose by throwing everything they can at this since they are going downhill anyway.
I would be ok with that if all the bluetooth features were fully supported that the desktop can use. I would much rather see bluetooth accessories instead of plugging something into the iPad. We need more bluetooth accessories that all developers can take advantage of like mouse for remote desktop and gamepads for games.
Yea but 1% of what? 1% of 1,000,000 phones would be a pretty large number of users affected.
Just give us an onboard USB port and expand the iOS USB and bluetooth API to allow more devices to work with it (like mouse for Remote Desktop connections, Gamepads for gaming, bluetooth api for data exchange for custom I/O apps, etc). That would make a lot of developers happy and users when the apps start rolling in taking advantage of the new APIs.
I don't see this working at all as others have explained. They will pull out of the AppStore I am sure if something else isn't worked out. They can not increase the cost for every other platform just because of apple. They certainly will not take a 30% loss regardless what apple feels is fair. In the end Apple and end users will be hurt by this. Bye kindle.., netflix... it was nice knowing you on iOS. If I were amazon netflix I would simply put up a dialog that...
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