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If AT&T changes their TOS and I don't agree with it I assume I will be able to cancel out of the contract. I know a friend who had a phone with another wireless carrier who did just that. Because of the change he was able to cancel the contract without a fee where normally he would have had a fee.
News some time in the future... "Kraft corporate network gets infected by virus and trojans from laptops that users take home and run P2P software with." Not a good idea to mix company laptops with personal home use.
Isn't this good news? Considering iPads are only 1% of the total number of iphone,ipodtouch devices. 5% means that per device percentage wise those with iPads are buying more of the apps than those with iphone/ipod touch devices.
This is only one of the problems users face with wifi on the iPad it seems. I have a feeling it is not the majority of problems too. If you read all the forums(especially the official apple forums) you will see there are multiple symptoms. My disconnects happen even with reserved IPs on the DHCP server so there is zero chance that 2 devices will get the same IP address. A friend has the same problem but he gets disconnected even on wakeups. I only get disconnected...
Peteo, With apple you are buying something directly from them so in that situation there is little you can do. The cell phone data sure is a sticky point but why give all your browsing information to yet another company? I am sure most don't care but at least a few do .
Keep in mind that the price you pay for the increased speed by compression is that all your internet browsing goes through Opera servers. The question you have to ask is do you trust them? I am sure they use the statistics from all that data to make money somehow.
I have 2 wifi routers. One is a G router and the other is an N router that is setup to only allow N connections. The G router and N router work perfectly with my macbook air. The iPad works with the G router but the iPad does not work with the N router. The iPad on the N router shows a connection and it shows full bars of coverage but it never gets a DHCP lease. Not a big deal for me... I will just use the G router with the iPad until apple figures out what is...
I am sure this guy will defend his IP(hone).
I just fear that backgrounding will be easier to implement programming wise so developers will just implement the easiest thing not caring about the performance ramifications compared to the notification scheme. It would be very disappointing to see that happen because it could limit the amount of apps that I currently use. Not that it matters what I think. Apple and developers will do what they want regardless.
I fear this could turn out to cause problems for those with lots of apps. If all the current apps that use notifications were converted to needing to run in the background then I wouldn't be able to use all the apps that I currently do now with the current notification scheme. I have over 50 apps that receive notifications. There is zero chance there would be enough memory for all 50 to run in the background so I wouldn't be able to use them all if the converted...
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