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But you expect a laptop to have a more space-intensive operating system. It doesn't matter if the Surface is technically running a desktop operating system--it's trying to be a tablet and that's why it's not OK.
There are in-app purchases on OS X?   News to me... I should use the MAS more often. 
Apple won't release the next iPhone less than a year after the iPhone 4S. Almost all of the "reports" are people stating the obvious. Next iPad is supposed to launch a year after the new one. Next iPhone is too. Let's not call these "reports" because they're just people saying something that's almost certainly true and taking advantage of the anonymity given to them (they won't be embarrassed if they put the blame on "industry sources". Ok, back on topic . As stated...
Wait... so Apple now "has" a 3.5" iPod Touch and iPhone 4S, a 4.6" iPhone 6, a 5" mystery product, a 7.85" iPad, and a 9.7" iPad? Please don't soil your reputation by repeating this junk.
Well personally, I absolutely love the iBook textbook I downloaded. Maybe try more than just one? I've also got a pdf of the textbook, and the two are nothing alike.
OMG you're all such fanboys! First Apple patented the rectangle and now they're patenting the powerpoint slide! How many ways can you make a powerpoint slide? The only logical way is with a cloud icon above three devices, each with a different time/content limit! jk... but I bet someone will say that somewhere!
Please don't lower yourself to this level. Digitimes has one of the worst track records in the industry. If you took a teenager, put him on LSD, and asked him about the future, you'd get Digitimes' predictions. This is one of the best news sites because you don't repeat crap like this (until now). If it makes no sense and it's from Digitimes, don't repeat it. It's that simple.
[reposted] I'm calling BS on this post because anyone who calls the 6th iPhone the iPhone 5 is just repeating rumors. We all know that's what he's doing in any case because he's just saying the exact same thing but he'll keep pushing the date back. An "iPad 2S" prediction is pathetic. He's assuming that 4->4S means that it'll be 2->2S. Never mind the fact that the iPad 2S was supposed to be released this October. A ten inch Retina Display would be insanely expensive....
Is this really newsworthy? Here's an example of his fantastic track record: "Acer exec says Apple's 'closed' iPad will drop to 20% market share." He's pulling predictions out of his .
So are we talking about all iOS devices or just the iPad? It wouldn't make much sense to include the iPod Touch or the iPhone if we're talking about being the largest 'PC' manufacturer (and TBH, including iPads is a bit of a stretch even though it does make sense).
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