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Praise jebus.
  So full of yourself aren't you.
There is no hardware in iPhones for Siri, that's why you need internet for it to work. That would be a moronic move for Apple.
It would be logical to think that colours will be the same as ones available for iPods.
From your post it feels like they don't sell shit anymore. Maybe there is no need to blow things out of proportions?
I only keep over-the-air digital TV subscription to watch sports, but it's so cheap that my bottom line is not affected. It's about 10 USD a month. Movies and TV shows i buy online (iTunes, Amazon, Bluray if the movie is worth it). It turns out i saved a lot and didn't waste my time trying to filter all the crap on TV. Next time i'm using actual TV will be september to watch  Eurobasket 2013.
It's a race to the bottom already and no one will bother patching this.
  I think this is sarcasm.
        I just said that it's no longer a phone (you should be able to operate it with one hand and not everyone is able to do just that even with 3.5" screen). If you like bigger screen device which also can make calls i'm not stopping you. If Apple thinks that there is a market for 5" iPhones then good for you. I will personally settle for 3,5" screen phone and 7-10" tablet (iPhone 4S and iPad Mini).
5" is no longer a phone.
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