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I wonder if it's possible to make something more convoluted than this.
What the **** are you smoking people? I take my iPhone from my pocket while doing so i manage to double click home button wake the screen and at the same time bring music controls to the screen then i just click play button and enjoy. Now i have to take my phone out of the pocket wake it up swipe up an click to play. Count the time and count the steps to the goal. Talk about inferior ... The home button way is just a natural way to do this while the new way just adds more...
Of course, because it's a simple option. The setting for doubdle and tripple click in the settings is also gone. For what fucking reason?
Can i decide myself?
On my 4S it was in beta 1.
I'm reporting all bugs. When in lock screen home button double click would always show music controls and now it doesn't. Hope it's just a bug.
Well battery life is same or worse than beta 1 (down to 90% of full charge after a 30 minute walk to work. iPhone being locked whole time) and no i didn't restore a backup. Double click home button doesn't show music controls in the lock screen (this is a huge step back for me hope it's just a bug). Parallax stutters while in lock screen with music artwork and music playing). Brightness sensor is still jumpy.
Thanks for the explanation.
Do you even read and understand? I just said it's unsable on 4/4S. I perfectly undersdtand that it's a beta software, just stated that it is worse on these specifi models than on iPhone 5 for example. What the hell is wrong with you.
Ok, what this has at all to do with discussing beta software performance on a certain device model?
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