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UAC is a joke. What Apple is doing is nothing like UAC.
You know what's an insult? Coming here over-analyzing the obvious, making it look important.
All people are doing nothing but facetiming with each other all day huh? not to mention the fact that iPad 3 is only out of the gates today. All bullshit all the time.
The problem is they are not that smart to understand this simple truth.
OMG it is beautiful.
What the hell with the 'power users' again? What is wrong in pressing damn LaunchPad icon and launching an app, power user or not you still need to open apps to use them.
You hate that very often simplest explanation is the right one? and it looks like the right one in this case to me too.
Ever heard of Occam's razor?
Somewhat different from where you live and Chine, don't you think.
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