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IS this really so hard to believe? I think not and Apple is also not all ice cream and candy.
The problem is there is always a workaround and the thing we should be focusing is education. Nerd solution is not a solution that will work for general population.
Some poor bastard installs a 'live wallpaper app' it presents a list of permission that it requires in between some legit required permissions for type of app is some that it has no need, like access to contacs or sms or calls. Poor bastard will miss this "small" detail and just do "next, next, ok, ok" 99.5% of the time.Yeah it's great "security". Apple on the other hand gets it. You will see an icon that tells you hey your app is using you contacs and since apps have to...
If you are clueless you might think that. Exactly what you did.
Perfect case of double dipping.
Learn the difference then if you see no ...
After HaDarder? Impossible.
Now how about something along those lines from you, not just half of the image that fits you.
Thanks, woodpecker.
Shut up.
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