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Maybe we are overthinking this, maybe he's just that dumb. Plain and simple.
Please don't, it's just too amusing to read his stuff.
About time you pull some images with iPads and iPhones and Androids in the same image, so what you mumble here looks 'relevant' and 'credible'.
Troll puts someone on ignore list Reminds me of ginogoneforever on IMDB boards. The level of idiocy reached is amazing.
It was funny.
It's a great car. Your analogy is a bit off, because Mac is experience top to bottom (software and hardware) and PC will never have that.
Yes, Apple is always 3 steps ahead of the 'competition'.
You are talking about company that just axed FCS suite in favour of FCPX. If there is a company with balls on this planet then it's Apple. Apple knows very well that no one is interested in a device that has no future support. What samsung does is very simple, they make sh*tload of devices and sell them and they couldn't care less about supporting them. This just proves the point. It also shows that when OS comes from one company and hardware comes from the other you get...
My mother has Huawei U8650 and so far she hasn't seen a single Android update on her carrier. Not that this comes as a surprise really.
Yes, they do that sometimes, but iOS version update stats shows that they hit 'Download and Install' a lot too.
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