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That's why there is copying and blatant copying. Key word here is copying.
I just bought Fringe season 3 pass on iTunes for 49.99. I have no cable (insane monthly fee), don't have TV anymore. I like to watch stuff on my iMac 27" or iPad. I do not have much time to watch anyway so i can buy 5-6 seasons of shows i like every year and it's still much cheaper than cable. I could buy bluray for about 50, but i need either rip it or watch it on TV both ways involves buying soe tech i don't have anymore and riping bluray will take an insane amount of...
Check more often. iWork is 79 USD. Outlook is the biggest turd here.
Because it is. That's why Mac is so successful or iPhone for that matter.
Another offensive campaign from the expert.
+1 for trying.
Slider is bad imo. Plastic keys are bad. Combination of both is EPIC FAIL waiting to happen.
Looks like BlackBerry and by saying that I mean UGLY.
I'm not a tech nerd ( i would kill myself if i was), but it's just plain ugly and inconsistent. Most apps are crap. I know App Store is also full of crap, but at least UI is consistent and even if, let's say, 99% of apps are crap that leaves us with >2000 great quality apps. Add all recent security issues and i say NO THANKS. And people wan't more freedom in the App Store even with App Store control there are quite few security issues, so what was Google thinking about?
I personaly always have ~8 Mbps and signal strength could be better, but speed is fine.
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