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Fixed that for you. You don't need to thank me.
Next time prepare homework before buying.
10 000 000? Not bad. What about iTunes? Current version supports iPad or we should see iTunes update in next few days?
What's the problem with that? iWork is more than enough to get the job done.
Market share again? It was proved more than once that market share is not an issue, because if it was there would be no difference for hackers what machine yoiu're running? Right?The best part is that every year all these hacks for Safari relied on user ignorance or stupidity to hack OS and etc., The fact that every browser was hacked only says one thing - that browser security could be better, that doesn't say much about OS security. As you know hakcing OS and hacking...
Once again proof why it doesn't matter to have best spec and it shouldn't be buying factor. What you want to have is a device that performs as advertised.
"weigh in at just"? You can use one word instead of 4.
Tethering should be option where it's legaly allowed. And here, in Europe" it's pretty much allowed.
New Posts  All Forums: