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Netbook is not a competition. Of course people can try to fool themselfs, but that doesn't change the fact. And by the way no special multitasking is involved watching movie or listening to music on a train. Not to mention that iPad is far more simple and intuitive, therefore provides better experience. And in my book competition is only possible if both sides are very close in terms of experience and ease of use.
First they ignore you, then they laugh you, then they fight you, then you win. First generation iPad has it's downsides, but if you look at the competition... oh, wait...
Fanboyism at it's best.
There are more elegant ways.
The major flaw with you logic is that you think you know what everage user want instead of asking you make assumptions. Apple is in denial mode and that means multitasking is coming. iPad is perfect for my father and his is not tech guy, but even he said that this is BS.
I think the best way is the natural way. Just remember notification service. It works the same way. The app is closed and notification service steps in. The problem is it blow.
The fact is global multitasking is needed. The problem is how to implement it. That's it.
Why? if you listen to music using iPod app it consumes resources, right? The thing is if you close that UI and leave it in the background ir will use very little of available resources. The same goes for radio apps. Push notifications is a big fail in my opinion, because instead of allowing IM apps to run in the background Apple wasted a lot of resources and time for such inferior way to solve a very simple problem. If your iPhone can handle Alarm, Safari, Mail and iPod...
There is one fact: multitasking is not needed for most of the apps. There is one more fact: there are apps that need it. Radio apps for one. Now you can't listen to radio and do something else. People usually do something while listening to music don't you agree? As it stands now I won't be able to work with Keynote and listen to radio. Does it make sense to you?
Let's say I'm using Skype and I need to look at some documents or emails. Now it's impossible without closing Skype. I agree that most of the time it's not needed, but you have to agree that there are apps or types of apps that would only benefit from multitasking. Apple should address this issue.
New Posts  All Forums: