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Everything that needs to be said is that it's still windows. That's all.
How hard it was to leave controls on the headphones?
I go for runs with my iPhone and i use voice controls for a ot of thing including control what's playing. I'd expect EarPods that come with iPod touch to have those controls. It's not too much too ask and the use for it is an obvious one.
Or just be clean :) My 4S has zero scratches, at least ones that are big enough that i could see under bright light at a good viewing angle. I have a white version and no case. I had a case, but it just doesn't feel right with the case. So clean pockets and take care of the things you own and everything will be ok.
What would you suggest? It's either glass which shatters or metal like aluminium or stainless steel which scratches very fast. Carbon fiber? i don't think it's green enough to be used in such quantities.
By accident?
If it has such flaws out of the box then replace it, return it. Problem solved. Just like you would do with any other device.
This can only mean two things, that she’s very smart or that she’s a dumb ass. This could actually be a very good help for Apple defense, but i think i’m digging too deep/watching too many movies.
And she dares to be angered by Apple lawyers? Goes nuts on her own.
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