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Crazy people.
No, it does make sense. You know why? Because you can browse web using Safari while listening to music and running Timer in the background. It only makes sense, but it shpuld be implemented properly.
Files are replaced, not patched. There is no direct connection betwen OS quality and update size.
Maybe it's you who is smoking something
Well 3G speed where I Live is about 350-400 KB/s or 3-3.2 Mbps.
Wrong? Hardly.Fact 1: Apple has done poorly without Steve.Fact 2: Apple has done poorly with Steve the first time also.Apple will be doing poorly after Steve is gone is just an assumption. It's not a fact. Histrory is where you learn what not to do. Current Apple team is very impressive.
So you agree that Apple could have done much better job with good CEO even if that CEO wasn't JOBS?
First define window licker. Second do you believe that company X can only be successful with that one specifi CEO? Don't be ridiculous. Apple has a histroy of doing badly not because Steve wasn't around, but because he was replaced with bad people.
Your reading skills are very poor. Do you know who Gil Amelio is?I wouldn't call this poor performance I would call this THE END. So the point is that Apple had a lot of CEOs and all were bad, except Steve. Apple could have done much better with any good CEO. Steve has a lot of good ideas, but he is not a GOD and there are people that can do tha job just fine.
One thing is to be kept in the loop vs doing the same work he did before taking medical leave. Major organ transplantation, health issues? Doesn't ring a bell? Make up your mind and don't ge back to us.
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