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Because some people are convinced that if Steve is gone it's the end for Apple. That's not true. Apple has Tim Cook, Ive, Forstal and others. Apple will be just fine, maybe even better without Steve who knows.
I understand that.
How old are you, really?
Now I think you are a troll. First time he was seen at Apple was at the end of his medical leave, so yes he wasn't involved.
I know the history. Apple was different and Steve was different. Apple today is very different with a lot of good designers, programmers and engineers. Steve took medical leave of absence and Apple did best 1/4 ever State of Apple will be determined in a few years after Steve is gone, but it's not a fact that no Steve = no Apple , that's an assumption.
I think this one qualifies for a big EPIC FAIL prize. Congrats.
Do you really think that there is a company that came up with everything they did/do on their own? It's just stupid, because in the timeline of things there is always a person or company that does something before you and all you can is just try to make that invention as perfect as it is possible. Apple does a great job of perfecting thigs and Microsoft? Not so much imho.
You see if it's Steve Jobs saying blue ray is a bag of hurt it's like Apple saying blue ray is a bag of hurt, but if some statment comes from MS it's somehow only opinion of that person. Nice logic of techdud
Not everyone. I do not like Windows in general, that's 15 years of not liking Windows. I have a Mac for a very short time, I'm not a diehard fan which owns every Apple product and I do not like everything that Apple does either.
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