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I believe OS X has had those features for over 2 years now, just not in desktop and notebook computers, because it doesn't make alot of sense right now. Market agrees.
I know. I was referring to gorilla part. That was funny I almost dropped out of the chair
He's not talking about marketshare, but about future vision, quality and mindshare.
Do you want to kill me with laughter?
It's not abou you and Flash , it's about Flash in general
OK, show me good ads and websites, maybe it's just me living in another universe.
I guess I could.
Flash on Mac OS X sucks hard.
At least I'm using a big 0 of Google services. I guess I need to read "1984" again.
I'm not taking any chances. It's not for Google to decide. The person which knows best what's best for me is ME. Watch Minority Report if you haven't already. I think you will get the idea of what's on Gooles mind. And it's bad.
New Posts  All Forums: