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So basically I can ask you to give me a thousand USA dollars with a guarantee that I will keep them safe and nothing will happen? Right? Because that's what Google does. It asks you to give your important information and tells you that everything will be safe kept. Can you trust me with your money? I guess not, so how can you trust Google if you can't trust one man?
Can you prove it? No. Can I prove it? No. Doesn't mean that's not what's happening .
No need to quote wiki. Maybe to you it's OK, but I'm not taking any chances. That's why people have firewalls installed. From the day I bought Little Snitch I now know which application is calling "Home" and why. Apple does the same with it's applications and Google , man, the whole it's operation is based on the manipulation of THE INFORMATION .
Google already knows your emails and Google Talk chat records, all your contacts, files you keep and etc., Now ti will know your driving habits. How it's not a spyware?
And you stopped taking "THE PILLS" way too soon.
Not for long now.
And if Apple wins?
All I assume is that these patents aren't bulletproof, if that was the case Apple would have licensed everything from day one.
That's for sure, but from my perpective looks like Nokia is loosing it. If they had a case why wait almost 3 years? If these patents cover essential functionality Nokia knew it from the day iPhone was released. Something is not right here.
And maybe all/some/most are to trivial to be considered as such and Apple will prove it in a court? Do you think they didn't check the patents that have even a remote connection to phones, wireless data, speech and etc?
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