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So you just assumed Apple is guilty. Nice.
MacBook Air is not a netbook As I said let's see it and after that we can discuss.
Yes they can.
Let's see it first.
Snow Leopard vs Windows Home Server? Really?
Revolution is a one time event, after that it's evolution. For example microchip was a revolution and after that it evolved year after year. iMac G4 was revolutionary and these iMac are evolutionary. There is nothing wrong about it.
Really? Using NTFS or worse FAT32 data would be scattered all over that 1 TB HDD. It's only 15 years of Windows experience HFS+ was also updated Latest addition per-file compresion.
Please stop. HFS+ is just fine and compared to NTFS it's magical By the way speaking about ancient file systems NTFS was introduced in 1993 and HFS+ in 1998 My 1 TB HDD is half-full and iDefrag shows 1.2% fragmentation That's pretty good.
Good for you.
I was refering to Adobe part Yes, iTunes is still 32bit carbon.
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