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I'm not surprised. All Adobe products run faster on Windows, mainly because Mac version are still 32 bit and carbon based.
You are right, I don't.
ClickToFlash saves CPU cycles and my nerves Flash on Mac OS X realyy sucks. How 320x240 flash banner can eat 60% CPU?
Which eats CPU cycles.
Vista and 7 use NTFS and NTFS has to be defragmented, so in Vista and 7 there is a service which does the defragmenting once in a while. HFS+ does not require defragmenting because of it's nature.
Also looks like BS Binaries in phoronix suite are not optimazed for OS X. This test is as biased as CNET's.
Couldn't agree more.
Looks like BS to me
OS X Nvidia drivers are quite bad. I guess it's one of the reasons.
Dell with better hardware boots longer than iMac which is 2 years old. So to you it's completely irrelevant? Of course Dell will outperform my iMac in most of tasks I have no illusions about that, but the fact is it boots slower than my iMac. Is it so hard to believe?
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