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Two birds one stone.
Of course they do. It just so happened that after the Iphone allmost all smartphones look like iPhone (more or less with some very straightforward copies).
Just one? I thought 3 each or bust.
I very much understand you, but come on man the example that lad used in the video are pretty fucked up ones. 19.99 for some kind of points? That’s extortion.
I know that, thank you. Just please don’t take that one exception and make it a rule. OK? GUI is a logical evolution of a commad line desktop if you will.
Really. I don’t care how smart you are it’s just simply less protuctive to try working in a command line world. Please don’t make stuff up. Thank you.
If Apple really did what they say.
From that point of view maybe nothing is wrong, butto do that you need to get your UDID registered to an iOS dev account and you can't do that without buying a spot for 7-10 US dollars right now.   Selling those spots is just plain wrong an violates your developer agreement you signed .     Can it be any more clear?
Oh snap
The perfect size for a smartphone is up to 4 inches. If you can’t operate it with one hand it’s not a phone anymore, it’s just some device with phone capabilities.
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