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  What you really had to notice is how S voice is just as big of a copy of Siri as iOS notification centre is copy of Android notifications. What does that make you? A JellyDroid?
  And when you look at S Voice and Siri what conclusions can you draw from that picture?
You can’t have it twisted more than this. OMG man ...
Resizing objects on a screen is not an issue with android. How do you make an app more usefull on a 4.8“ display compared to a 3.5 inch display with android? You don’t, that’s the problem, you just resize to fit the screen.
Oh here we go with more crap like this.
He’s one tinfoil hat away from rubber room anyway. I say don’t bother.
The point is batteries sometimes do that and it doesn’t matter Apple or not. Non story.
You got to be kidding me. Look at the battery capacity.
Yeah takes me back ...
You can’t make it thin, light, portable and user upgradable. Doesn’t work that way … at least in 2012.
New Posts  All Forums: