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  Oh i consider. I work for broadcasting company (not that it really maters anyway) and we do our work on i7 iMac where we used to work on Mac Pros. So again my point stands. It's a tool and your inability to do the job with the tools you are given is ironically elitist.
Like Lord of the Rings for example CGI rendered on a farm of simple Linux PCs. Again my point stands. Mac Pro or not it doesn't really matter when you really need the juice (the real pro work) you will need some computer farm to do it.
No one is saying there is no need for such machine, some however are saying that many of the tasks can be done on other machines as well if you really think about it.
You obviously haven't heard about professional bias have you? You are not as important as you might think you are. Current day so called professionals remind me of big city dwellers, when you put them in the wild they don't even know how to make fire. OMG where's my super duper crzy high tech laser fire maker.   If doesn't start my post with "I WORK FOR" or "I'VE BEEN WORKING" or "I HAD PRETTY MUCH EVERY MAC SINCE ..." doesn't mean i don't know anything. It however means...
People can do whatever they want and Apple or any other company for that matter is not binded to fill that every crazy need. This is not how business works.
  :) depends.
Old farts you mean. Today a 16 year old kid can do stuff with an iMac and when shown you won't even be able to tell that 16 year old kid did it until someone tells you. That's how things are going to be now.   We have to draw a line between Avatar type Pro (huge films, many effects and so on) and editing some TV Show episode Pro which can be done using a MacBook Pro while on train to Utah.
Really? Even my plastic Macbook from 2006 had DVDDL superdrive.
Well i can tell you what we do. We have i7 iMacs in places where we had Mac Pros and we use Xgrid to distribute tasks over a fast network. Works very well and is cheaper. Of course an all-in-one design has its disadvantages, but it's not like we live in a perfect world.
You know you are one tinfoil hat away from rubber room?
New Posts  All Forums: