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So he’s wrong, you’re right, but you won’t sue, because you don’t want all that money right? That’s a laugh, a real one.
Yeah … That’s stage 1.
It’s perfectly normal for any service to be down for some amount of time sometimes, somewhere. Unless service provider guarantees 100% uptime and even then if the service is free … how can you sue?
Blaming others for your own stupidity … If you have kids then buy them iPod touches or iPhones (i don’t really care) and fucking iTunes gift cards, not your credit card data.
Computer itself, Mac or PC, is not for novice. Some things must be learnt, but most of the time people do random things without thinking and then whine.
I personally wouldn’t trust anyone that goes by the name of Larry.
Oh poor developers … who gives a shit, just suck it up like the rest of of the people do.
Basically you are saying that you don’t know shit.
Apps like iPhoto make all the difference. Put the right apps and it’s s quite powerful device.
I disagree. Show me a better one.
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