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2008: MacBook Air reviews: ahead of its time, but hurt by weak processor, too few ports. *yawn*
First of all, you do understand that the percentage of malware the Android platform is responsible for and the percentage of Android users actually infected are independent, right?   Second of all, Pichai's data doesn't count all the handsets on which Android runs and Google are notorious for playing games with the number depending on what they want the message to be. When they want to emphasize Android's market share domination, they roll out the "activations" number;...
This isn't a cost-saving measure; this is about controlling the message.
Looks like Shi's death is explained pretty clearly: he died of pneumonia. Saying Pegagon killed him is like saying anyone working who dies of a heart attack at the age of 50 was killed by their job. Kudos to the Times for their continuing sensationalist take on Apple's (and many others, but hey: Apple!) suppliers. Maybe they're gunning for another Pulitzer.
I can't speak for the 5c, but I missed my window in the NYC market last week Monday, where just about all the Apple Stores had the grey, (and to a lesser extent, the white) models in stock. Since last Tuesday morning, supply has been dismal. Here's a handy site that scrapes Apple's online store for availability based on color, capacity, carrier and zip code, in case anyone is interested. http://iphone-check.herokuapp.com
That's what I get for using Wikipedia as a source. :/   "In June 2010, Amazon released a "Kindle for Android" version. With the Google Android application release, versions for the Apple iPhone, the iPad, Windows and Mac computers, and BlackBerry cellphones are also available"
You (and I) are half-right. iBooks was announced in January 2010 with the iPad, released at the end of March and made available for iPhone/iPod Touch in June with iOS 4. The Kindle app was also released in June.   I was wrong about them being simultaneous, but the dates actually makes my point more emphatically: if Amazon was so concerned with Kindle sales, and iBooks was already in the wild, why release the Kindle app for iOS? Amazon was/is more interested in pushing...
And yet somehow the Kindle app appeared for iOS at the same time iBooks was released. Wouldn't a company so concerned with Kindle sales not want to yield such an obvious competitive advantage? What a crock of sh*t.
Where was John King when the awful, Cold War multi-floor buildings that frame Apple's Anymall USA structure were built? Compared to the surrounding buildings, Apple's store is a gem. Apple is fun to critique because...well...Apple. Apple's stores are iconic in their own way and the company has a right to re-enforce their brand through their stores' architecture. Foster Partners' founder has a knighthood and a Pritzker; John King has a pulpit. About the only thing I...
Samsung has no reason not to blatantly rip off Apple's ideas because the courts in this country have done nothing to stop them. The company will continue to make a mockery of our patent defense system until they are compelled to stop.
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