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Hey, Wonko.  Bought any toothpicks lately?
I don't know about NZ banks, but Australia's 4 big banks guard their profits with attack dog-like ferocity.  They just increased interest rates off their own bat because the Government increased the amount of cash they must keep on hand in case of another GFC.  Instead of funding it out of their gargantuan profits, they chose to slug us instead.  So they probably aren't keen to share anything with Apple.   I was planning to switch my mortgage next year.  The availability...
It's $269/$349 here in Australia. No thanks.  I'll stick with my current one.
Boot, meet other foot.  When you remember Ballmer's comments about the original iPhone, you realise how much things have changed. 
You don't want to start an argument about stealing features you can't win.
It almost certainly won't be allowed, but I would buy one just to play Galaga. I miss the old school games.
Telstra overcharges for everything, so you'll probably pay for the subscription somehow.  I wouldn't recommend them to anyone for internet or mobile service if cost is an issue.
I do.  I have no need for an iPhone, but the iPod Touch has been great.  Beware of assuming your own situation represents everyone, because it never does.
28k people out of 300+ million?  Your idea of majority needs some work.  Come back in the unlikely event that even 1 million people - 1/3 of a percent - support this pizza shop.  Tim's view may not be the majority, but at least he's supporting people, not tearing them down like the owners of that shop.
About time.  As others have said, this might lessen the bullshit trading that some brokers do in Apple stock, since it will influence the whole market more now.
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