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  This.  I stopped listening to Androidbreak Weekly about 12-18 months ago as I too got sick of half the show being about it.  It's great that they like the products, but it's not what I listened to their show for.
Like others, I feel much better now that I know CurrentC data is stored securely in the cloud .  We really need a new storage metaphor - clouds are designed to leak, aren't they?
Me-too?  Back under your bridge, Mr Troll.  People complained incessantly that Apple MUST make bigger screened phones.  So eventually they did.  Now people complain incessantly that they did.  This is why people suck.   Also, I really want the Retina iMac to be a thing.
Wonko, how are things outside the Asylum? Are you still disturbed by the instructions on a packet of toothpicks?   In any case, the iPhone wasn't a new device category - there were smartphones before it.  What made it different was the implementation.  I think the FCC theory has some merit - after all it likely has a radio device of some kind in it which will need approval.
I love the smell of Samsung desperation in the morning
 Depends on how much an iWatch is.  There's room for both.
Proctor & Gamble called. They want him back.
Stock analysis is one of the more ridiculous professions in the world today.  You can be wrong every time, but the company you research is at fault for not matching your predictions.  No other profession would celebrate their failures like stock analysts.
    He should be.  The Commonwealth Bank has over $700 billion in assets.  He used to be the boss of CBA.  He later headed the Future Fund for the Australian Government, which managed tens of billions in superannuation assets.
I owned a Loewe CRT TV for 10 years.  It was a great TV, with excellent picture quality.  They have been sold in Australia for many years now.  Given the reported price, this seems like a reasonable thing for Apple to do, seeing as they like to keep control of end-to-end processes as much as possible.
New Posts  All Forums: