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I've have managed to find the answer thanks as usual to browsing the internet, anyway the answer is that the Parental Control password changes whenever you change the password when you unlock your laptop to the same password. Thanks anyway for trying to help me. Regards
I have got a pc upstairs and a laptop that is normally downstairs. I have been on both and in Sharing I have ticked Look For Shared Libraries, Share my Library On My Local Network and Share Entire Library. Also in Parental Controls I have NOT ticked Disable Shared Libraries. I have also turned ON Home Sharing. My problem is that the upstairs pc can see and play the music on the laptop downstairs.........but the laptop downstairs cannot even see the the upstairs shared...
I am using iTUNES 9, I am trying to unlock the Parental Control. Trouble is I have forgotton the password, what can I do, as I need to unlock. Please help. Thankyou in advance.
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