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Thank you, that was pretty much the answer I was searching for. I also had a look at a lot of other players, but that way my biggest fear. You ripped it off [Chilling]
*help* There are two possibilities: The one is, you don't get what I try to say caused by my own impossibilty to say what I want The second is you don't understand. Guess, what my favourite is [Propably it's the other one [Embarrassed] ] I haven't found yet anything about whether the "head" of the hd damages, or might damage, the discs when it's being shocked. Just asking about the physical damage of...
[quote]..the 32 meg buffer (note this is not in minutes)..
Oh, first, thanx a lot for this new Information I do not mind a little skip. That's not bothering me. What I'm worried about if the hd can actually be damaged, e.g. if it's shaked or accelerated while filling the buffer. But thankx anyway so far !! [ 11-15-2002: Message edited by: JackWiDu ]

So, this is my first Message. I'm regularly looking into this forum since ~ 9 months. I just didn't felt the urge to write anything Doesn't matter, if you don't believe me, but that's the truth. I go running quite often. And I'm thinking about buying an iPod. I read somewhere, sorry, don#t remember where it was, but i think on some german page, that you should generally not take HD-mp3players for running. This might cause damage in the hd. I can imagine that's true,...
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