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Why the hell do you believe what you're told by the media?
I'm looking forward to the next Apple Watch. I love this first one, and use it everyday. But the next one is bound to be even better.
With Apple's products getting smaller and smaller, thinner and thinner, I think this apparent penchant for "repairability" is getting rather silly. I, frankly, couldn't care less. For example, last year, I bought an iPhone 6+ under AT&T's Next 12 program. And this year, I happily turned it in for a 6S+. I want the latest and greatest, and I want to benefit from the new features, both hardware and software. Let Apple deal with any repairs they wish to make. Or let them...
27 to 40 stores in about seven months! And those same bozos complain that Angela isn't earning her keep? Pfft.
Wow. Guess pancakes, confections, and such are really hot topics for some!
Thank you, article commenters--especially "Corrections", its author, for "opening up"! Very revealing.
I think it's a beautiful design. Now I have to wait for my wife to be in a good and generous mood. . .
White goes with everything.
No, it doesn't. It reveals your own questionable dietary propensities.
Features, features, features. . . Is that all you people can talk about?
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