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This principle is true and cuts eloquently through all the babble regarding the pricing of the Apple Watch.
As Sir Jony said towards the end, Apple has been on a path since the early '70s to make technology more approachable and personal. I can see that path, as I've been involved with Apple products since those days. One of my first computers was indeed the Apple ][ which I discovered in 1979. I think that if there wasn't ever a Macintosh computer that I would not be doing what I've been doing on Macs since the first model. I was drawn to the Mac in part because I recognized...
Maybe they'll help persuade my wife into letting me get one! I want the space black stainless with matching link bracelet.
If you let sandpaper anywhere near your watch, you're a damned idiot.
Grow up and learn some manners, boy.
She didn't screw up anything.
Grow grow grow up up up.
We've been happy Creative Cloud subscribers for years now and feel the $50/mo is well worth it for access to virtually all of Adobe's software, which includes the latest Acrobat Pro DC, by the way, as well as more frequent updates. We also get free 24/7 tech support which we've used a number of times and has been competent.   I'm also very happy that Lightroom comes in iOS, as well, which syncs smoothly with my CC storage and desktop app.   I've already downloaded...
Actually, it completes her ensemble nicely. Imagine if she were carrying even a small clutch and she took her iPhone out to check the time, how gauche that would look. With the Watch, she can now do far more with the flick of her wrist than she could have with a mere timepiece, however stylish and pricey it might have been.
I think it's a beautiful watch/band on a beautiful woman. I'm glad she's showing it off—for whatever reason.
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