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Who cares if a bunch of writers aren't impressed? After all, they're compelled to pander to their chronically skeptical readership.   Touch ID is a majorly important feature for any and all iDevices, as people's often sensitive data is normally shared across all such devices, and Touch ID enables both enhanced security of such along with effortless access to these devices with the touch of a finger.   I had an iPhone 5 when the 5s appeared with Touch ID, so I missed...
Why don't you grow up--even just a little.
My update via Software Update on my Appe iPhone 6+ went flawlessly. Passbook now shows the Add Credit/Debit Card function. I added my Chase and Capital One cards with no problem. Love that image recognition!   Now it's off to Whole Foods to try one out!   What fun!
The "fired back" crap is rather irrelevant. The only things that really matter are both what Jony said about service to the customer by way of making products designed to "just work", thereby being truly beautiful and desirable, and the facts of people recognizing that quality and value to the point of happily paying for them in volume.
It's working great on my 3.4GHz Intel Core i7 27in Late 2012 iMac.   It's so beautiful and so fast!   Can't wait to see how it works with my iPhone 6+ when I load iOS 8.1 on Monday.   Also can't wait to try out Apple PaY!
Bankruptcy is not necessarily the end of the world. It simply provides a "breather" for getting one's affairs in order. I would expect that Apple won't let this be a major issue for anyone concerned.
I have a 2014 Honda CR-V. My Apple iPhone 6 Plus is running iOS 8.0.2, and it's a little screwy with BT. After pairing with the phone, the car display shows "No device connected", though I can make and receive calls via Siri on the car's hands-free. However, my music plays on my phone and not through the car's speakers.
Wrong, wrong, wrong. The design is fine. It's beautiful. It's plenty strong enough for anyone, except the morbidly stupid and senseless. I love my Plus. It's big, but not too big to fit in my Wranglers' front pockets with no stress. There's no way I'm going to bend it, even accidentally. All this bend stuff is total crap and springs from the competition's and their paid shills' desperation over yet another great new Apple product.
So let' see YOUR accomplishments, along with better spelling. It's "rein" not "reign."
I think Apple Pay and PayPal will be able to co-exist. In many respects, they're different business models.   Our customers use PayPal to pay us via "Request Money", and it works fine—especially for international customers, as the currency converts automatically. The fee is about 3%, which seems reasonable for smaller amounts. For larger amounts in the several thousands range, we use bank drafts.   We're also on your second "Working Capital" loan from PayPal which we...
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