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So let' see YOUR accomplishments, along with better spelling. It's "rein" not "reign."
I think Apple Pay and PayPal will be able to co-exist. In many respects, they're different business models.   Our customers use PayPal to pay us via "Request Money", and it works fine—especially for international customers, as the currency converts automatically. The fee is about 3%, which seems reasonable for smaller amounts. For larger amounts in the several thousands range, we use bank drafts.   We're also on your second "Working Capital" loan from PayPal which we...
So. . .if the Apple Watch is really the "meh" all you "cognoscenti" are proclaiming, then what's the explanation for the crowds? Hmm? BTW, I think the smaller Apple Watch looks great on Karlie Kloss' pretty wrist.
Agreed. Interesting viewpoint. I think you're right about the paradigm shift.
OK by me! Can't imagine what the price will be, though!
Hope this clears the way for a stand-alone 5K display to use with the new Mac Pro.
I love my new iPhone 6 128 Space Gray. We just had a new Whole Foods store open in our town, and I can't wait to try out Apple Pay there and elsewhere—with my iPhone and with my Apple Watch.   Life is good.   Love it that Apple just keeps on doing what it does best: great design, great products, great ecosystem, all of which make our lives better.   One rather reliable index of Apple's escalating success is the escalating volume of its "detractors." Most likely paid...
"It's clear. . ." Hoping that by saying this everything that follows is that much more convincing? Well it's NOT "clear", and your tactic didn't work. Your opinions are deeply flawed.
Samsung was first with what? A piece of junk running a fragmented piece of junk OS ripoff of Apple's IP. It's not about the money%u2014neither Apple's nor Google's. Money comes and goes%u2014except when Apple earns its money with good design, a carefully built comprehensive ecosystem, with a motivated, well coordinated team of dedicated employees, led by competent management, resulting in products people really want, and are willing to pay good money for, because they...
Time to put on your big boy pants and not expect Apple to protect you from every childish stupidity. If you want "big" and you don't want "heavy", you learn to live with "thin" and its relative fragility. At $950 for the 128, if you want to carry it in your pocket, you'd better upgrade your wardrobe with large-enough pockets, and pants not too tight. And don't expect to have it in your pocket while playing contact sports.
New Posts  All Forums: