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This is as it should be. As a professional CC subscriber now for years, I'm glad Abode, like many other software companies, is finding that this business model allows them to separate the wheat from the chaff, while being freed to concentrate more on its paying customers.
Good point. The fact of the matter is that all data (including chicken bones) are in the past. Really, the only way to "predict" the future is to create it here and now. To pretend to see the future by looking backwards at data is sheer blindness, denial, and folly, as evidenced by the crapshoot that is the stock market and its minions.
I've been a happy AT&T customer since Ameritech Mobile in Chicago in the late '80s. We bought our Apple iPhone 6's on the Next plan at our Apple Store and have received good service and reasonable data plans since. We'll have them paid off and be able to turn them in around the time the 6s's come out this year. I only had to pay $67 sales tax initially for my $1K 128GB Plus. It's the best iPhone ever, and Next helped me get it sooner than later.
If they're competent and productive, they have both, and don't make a huge fuss over paying for what they use, as the tools enable them to make so much more than that.
I think what throws a lot of people off is the fact that it's called a "watch." Not that it shouldn't be, because it is worn on the wrist in the same place that watches have traditionally been worn. But "watch" is a misnomer for this wearable computing device.   When more people realize this, and when they realize how well it and its apps work in their respective Apple ecosystems, the demand for it will mushroom—all over the world.   It may take some time yet for...
I keep recalling Steve's original OS X keynote in 2001(?), when he said they were betting Apple's future on it. Not merely prescience, but the beginning of Apple's consistent, persistent, and unifying mission to create the best products. Love how Tim picked up that guidon so adeptly.
I like it. Simple, stylish, durable design.
Not every company CEO sincerely advocates for and personally uses his/her company's products. When it happens, it's a very good indicator. Sure it was a joke, but I think he was indeed sincere in wanting all those who didn't own iPhones to actually take action in whatever manner to recycle whatever else they had.
It looks like Mr. Cook's visit was timely and fortuitous%u2014for Apple and for China. I applaud his sincerity and genuine enthusiasm for Apple's products, and for company's various social and environmental agenda.
As well Apple should. I'm very glad to see Apple thriving more and more. It should serve as an example to all of us. I had always associated cashmere with sweaters. Now I'd love to try on a cashmere suit/sport jacket. It must be incredible!
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