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It's not a matter of "they just don't get it". Quite the contrary. They get it, and they're scrambling to somehow protect vested interests. You're looking at a concerted, desperate, and covert FUD campaign against Apple.
And your last "it's" should be "its".
Wrong. Apple knows what it's doing. "Nice and easy does it." as the Sinatra song goes. This operation is very sensitive and needs careful finessing, bank by bank. Can't afford any careless moves which cause big flaps.
It's called "montage", a classic cinematic technique which incorporates a number of short clips which together convey a mood or message, no single clip of which could stand on its own. I got the idea that the iPad can be used for many different things.
…or what? You'll boycott it? Pffft. I'm buying one because I can see a number of useful applications, and because I can see its evolutionary significance in the relentless trend towards miniaturization, AND because Sir Jonny seems to have hit yet another one out of the park. I don't care what any analyst or other fools says about it.
For cryin' out loud, QUIT with the market share crap!
It's NOT too big. It's Mama Bear Size and my wife loves it.The Plus is Papa Bear Size and I love mine. It's big enough that I don't use my iPad Mini much, now. And it's still small enough to fit easily in my front jeans pocket. The home button double-tap, one-handed, works fine for bringing the top of the page down.Apple doesn't "appease". They skate to where the puck WILL be.
[/quote]You do realize what happened to the dinosaurs, right?I love how Adobe is proving all you reactionaries wrong.I also love how we subscribers get Abobe's great new updates.
New Posts  All Forums: