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Nope. That'd be like licensing the OS which Apple tried and which didn't work out at all. Outer styling, wristbands, etc., are all important aspects of the design of the product and impact the user experience. Apple needs to control that. Letting others do the "trim" would also dilute any of Apple's future efforts to protect its IP.
These are not very good photos, but what I gather from what I can make out is that little if any form work has started yet. The blue stuff is rebar which has been staged near where it will be needed. And I can see retaining walls made of steel mesh and tar paper to keep dirt from collapsing into the dug trenches. I'd say that, before the rebar starts getting laid, there may very well be more excavation. Also, there will be some sort of gravel bed spread out and carefully...
Incredibly stupid.
From the title and the early-Sunday posting time, I knew this had to be a DED piece. Apple Insider is the Daily Planet of Apple news sites, and DED is the Clark Kent of internet reporters. "Fighting a never-ending battle for Truth, Justice, and the American(Apple) Way." Love it!!!
Finally, someone actually looking at what's important--RELIABLE indicators! But that's admittedly hard if one's head is up one's ass like most commenters here,
That may be true for "meatspace", an apt term. However, a rational person need only look around a little to realize that there is an abundance of countless and limitless other "spaces" which are created by merely looking. Sad to say, many of Apple's potential competitors don't seem to realize this. But I think IBM sanely does and is preparing to "play nicely" with its new partner and ally.
I think Apple has done a great job in sponsoring, designing, and managing these iTunes Festivals: Great venue at London's Roundhouse Theatre; attendance limited to a safe and manageable number; lottery-style ticket distribution; live streaming for the rest of the world; good variety of acts.   I enjoyed the SXSW Festival and, in particular, Soundgarden's impressive performance of their entire "Superunknown" album.   They're probably scoring a lot of PR points with...
So what? Those 500M iTunes customers most likely include many who don't bother with FB and/or whose musical tastes don't include the acts appearing at the Festival.
It's a wee bit late for MS to be wondering about that, thanks mainly to Mr. Ballmer!
Well put.
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