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What a fortuitous position Apple is in to be able to do this sort of promotion and suspense building!   Like Slurpy said, the power of the Apple brand is what this is about.   This is the essence of marketing: create want.
I seriously doubt if any (or many) will care. The few who do will be like squished bugs under the wheels of the Apple delivery trucks.
Did you know that all generalities are false (except the one I just made!)? So why do y'all keep making so many stupid ones? These "rich peeeepul" and "po' peeeepul" simply don't exist, save in your perverse imagination. What WILL exist is the Watch. And it WILL have profound effects on this entire ballgame we call "computing." It's the most personal product Apple has produced, according to Sir Jony. Now that's a very telling statement, if you look at it in the sense that...
Hmmm, let's see. . .You're Swiss, and seem distinctly unimpressed with the Watch, the new Apple product which is poised to turn the Swiss watch industry on its very head. . .Wonder if there's any sort of vested interest here. . .Did someone tell or pay you to make these stupid statements? "Cook's uninspired watch" seems very much like desperation to me.
Why don't you people quit your incessant squabbling and crepe hanging about every damn Apple product under the sun? Are your lives so empty and dismal that that's all you can think of to say?
This is just more desperate propaganda planted by Apple's competitors. It's so pathetic that they resort to this crap. It's so far below any sense of "fair play" or any concept of simply rolling up their sleeves and doing what's necessary to come up with an honest product that's as least as good as the Watch.
I think it looks great on her and with her outfit. Can't imagine any fashion publication featuring or even allowing to be worn any other wearable crap out there.
Oh no! They're in trouble because YOU think they're going too slow!
How do you know they aren't used in California? They're used when constructing "towers" or buildings with more than a few floors. Campus 2 has what, five floors? Also tower cranes make sense when doing vertical construction and the crane doesn't have to move much laterally. Campus 2 has LOTS of lateral area for which cranes on cat treads make more sense.
Just because you have an aversion to space doesn't mean Apple is wasting it. By putting vehicle parking underground, they're eliminated the need for acres of asphalt. Just because they now have lots of space beyond the building structures, doesn't mean they should have bought less or that they should have built more buildings to "use it up." Just because corporate entities in the past haven't thought to incorporate as much "empty" space into their architectural planning,...
New Posts  All Forums: