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Sounds like a clever scheme to cultivate more switchers!
Apple really doesn't have  to "disrupt" any industry in order to be incredibly successful with most all of its products. And "too bad" for those industries which happen to be disrupted as a matter of course.   Steve very wisely set Apple's course back around the time when OS X was first introduced and he said that the company was betting its future on it.   The resulting "ecosystem" has grown continuously since then. And though many bemoan it as a "walled garden", the...
SpamSandwich: "How would people know whether or not they want something when they've never seen it? Ridiculous."   Agreed. People in general are even more stupid than these premature surveys.   I was at a BMW dealer looking at various models, when the subject of adaptive cruise control came up. The veteran salesman told me that most of his customers don't use cruise control! Not too surprising, but a rather telling indictment of the mentality of the average...
I'm in. It's great!   I love the "discovery" facility of it. I have yet to fine anything I've searched for NOT available on Apple Music, which means that I don't necessarily have to buy everything I want to check out.
Hasty conclusion. The Watch is charged via USB AND induction. Perhaps the new mouse will use a similar system.
Agreed. My Plus with an Apple leather case has held up similarly for the past year, too.
I love swiping to my AmEx card on my Watch to pay with Apple Pay. It's a real feeling of privilege, convenience, and security.
What strikes me about Android is its original concept: a pale copy of iOS, but with the intent of it being an advertising tool for Google.
We have an iPhone 6 and a 6+ (both on Next) and an iPad Mini (pre-Next, subsidized) all sharing 10GB for (I think) $240. The 10GB package gives us some discounts. We've never gone over, but we've got Apple Music now, so we'll see how much data that eats.
Can't wait to get all the enhancements in September by turning in my year-old 6+ 128 on AT&T's Next plan and just have to pay sales tax!
New Posts  All Forums: