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Sounds pretty good! We've been Apple customers for three decades, and our new Macs and iDevices have been running flawlessly for a long time. But it's good to know about this new type of support.
That's fine, I'm not worried. Just voicing my opinions about the prospects of having that much RAM, especially recalling those very early days in 1984 on a 128K Macintosh. Very sweet times, these. Can't wait to buy my Mac Pro and fit it out with that much RAM!
Of course I want to. I'm not a dilettante spectator. I've spent a lot of money on memory over the past three decades, making far more money with the resulting enhanced performance of my computers than the cost of the memory. Companies like this realize this value and will probably enjoy good sales to people like me.
I haven't been able to find any mention of price. But I'm glad to see such a product offering. I do a lot of work with The Foundry Modo which can benefit from multiple processors and lots of RAM, and I'm anxious to hear about its optimization for the new Mac Pro with its GPUs.
Nothing wrong with just looking and figuring it out for yourself--unless you'd really rather blame others for your difficulties. On my 5, the portrait orientation calendar view toggles between wk/day and month. When showing wk/day, the month with a left-facing arrow appears in the upper left. Tapping on it gives the month view. When in month view, tapping on any day brings up its week at the top and a list for the day.
"Just_Me" alright. You're dead wrong.
The end of an era long overdue. Even the name . . . c'mon. Bye, bye.
Looks good! At the bottom of Apple's CarPlay page, it says that it's compatible with iPhone 5S, 5C, and 5. So, it probably works via Bluetooth with your phone, which is like how our 2014 Honda CR-V works with our phones now. Looking forward to it reading texts and accepting dictation, as well as picking up addresses for driving directions from contacts. Lots of manufacturers lined up, too.
Here's a wild idea. Get a job.
If you don't "get it" any words of explanation would be wasted on you, Frenchman.
New Posts  All Forums: