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The only valid fact of the matter is that the Apple Watch is a great new Apple product, one which puts Apple into new markets, one which demanded unique logistical solutions, not all of which bowed to the release schedule.   I got my Sport 42 just at the end of the "constrained" period, and I didn't mind the wait at all, as my wife had tentatively intended to get me one for Christmas. But then Fathers Day rolled around which caught her in a good mood, so. . .   The...
As if there's a set amount of profit to be made? Nope. It's 92% of the profit currently being made, which is not to say that more profit can't be made. Even if Apple were making 100% of the profit, that doesn't mean that they can't make more money—simply by making more and more sales.
 Because there are a lot of people who buy them, misguided as they are. Applarently, few are considering future viability.
If investing is anything other than a long-term vote of confidence in a company (the actual definition of "investing") it's legalized gambling. And guess who wins at that game?   Many Chinese are happy to work for a living—happy to earn their prosperity—unlike way too many on this side of the Pacific who now don't know how to do jack, who've degraded themselves into believing in socialist pipe dreams.   Can't wait to listen to the earnings call.
As if Apple Watch ISN'T a blockbuster product already! "Powerful" is what Apple is ONLY because its products are mostly blockbusters, and ONLY because Apple DOES care about all of them, and HAS done so for DECADES! All this "bad news" is merely manufactured by the hidden bad hat cowards who go nuts when anyone or any company is successful, and is actually a perverse INVERSE index of that success.
I love Apple Music already, and I see it as yet another significant draw for more switchers to the Apple ecosystem. For me, it's served to remind me of a lot of music I'd forgotten about over the years which I can now enjoy again without having to purchase outright. And I can sample whole tracks and albums of new stuff.
I like Apple Music a lot.   I'm an aging original "baby boomer", and my favorite music is from the late '60s through mid '90s. Every band I've searched for so far has come up, and it's great to get access to all that good stuff.   My wife's tastes in music are pretty different than mine, and I could never justify the expense of buying all that old stuff. But now, with Apple Music, the $15/mo is probably going to be easy to handle. So I'm free to add all I want to My...
I've had similar experiences. I was delighted to learn that everything I searched for that I don't already own showed up, and I was able to add those albums to "My Music" and to be able to "Make available for offline." These are really good times to be an Apple Zealot and to be surrounded by all these fruits of the Apple ecosystem. Can't wait for the next iPhone, though I love my 6+ dearly.
 It's just you. Do you live to complain?
I like the tip about lowering the brightness to save on battery charge, though I typically use only half a charge most days. Though I love stainless, I thought it best to test the Apple Watch waters with the Sport for the first iteration. I like it and use it a lot.
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