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Well, it's my opinion is that your opinion stinks. Did Apple have experience in the mobile telephone industry? Nope. Look where the Apple iPhone 6/6+ are now. Experience is highly overrated. Look what "experience" did and is still doing for Detroit! Ghost town. American made IC engine cars suck. The old dealership business model is stacking up un-sold cars all over the planet. But now there's a new American car company, Tesla, that doesn't suck. Its cars are awesome and...
Socialist pipe dream. Ridiculous.Get rid of all of them if it will help put a stop to the highway to hell we're currently on.
Agreed—except for your typo, tsk, tsk. ;-)
It was a GREAT launch. Those who snoozed at ordering lost quick deliveries. Typical of Apple products in high demand.
Ridiculous comparison.
Socialist pipe dream. Ridiculous.
Hey, someone getting at least half a clue!
Contrary to common belief, it's not up to "common belief" to determine who gets how much for what.
Enough of this "wage disparity" whining. If you want more money, go out and earn it. She has.
When will you "software ownership" people get the message? EULAs have been around since the very beginning of personal computers in the late '70s, and if you ever care to read them, the "L" in EULA stands for "licensing." You pay for a license and you agree (the "A" in EULA) to the terms of that use (the "U" in EULA). You never really own the software. With the YouTube/Google stuff, you're not even paying for anything, so there's especially no user ownership in the...
New Posts  All Forums: