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That may be true for "meatspace", an apt term. However, a rational person need only look around a little to realize that there is an abundance of countless and limitless other "spaces" which are created by merely looking. Sad to say, many of Apple's potential competitors don't seem to realize this. But I think IBM sanely does and is preparing to "play nicely" with its new partner and ally.
I think Apple has done a great job in sponsoring, designing, and managing these iTunes Festivals: Great venue at London's Roundhouse Theatre; attendance limited to a safe and manageable number; lottery-style ticket distribution; live streaming for the rest of the world; good variety of acts.   I enjoyed the SXSW Festival and, in particular, Soundgarden's impressive performance of their entire "Superunknown" album.   They're probably scoring a lot of PR points with...
So what? Those 500M iTunes customers most likely include many who don't bother with FB and/or whose musical tastes don't include the acts appearing at the Festival.
It's a wee bit late for MS to be wondering about that, thanks mainly to Mr. Ballmer!
Well put.
It's just a time marker. There are countless anniversaries for all sorts of things. There are also longer and shorter ones. Young lovers often celebrate weeks and months of their relationship. Longer periods tend to be more significant, the longer they are. But this iTunes/App Store anniversary is significant both because it's still so young, because it's SIX years old, AND because over 75 Billion apps have been downloaded in that short of time. Few other activities or...
Well put!
Our societies are deeply involved with robot-assisted production. Sooner than YOU think, there will be more jobs created for those who are willing to learn new skills which are not replaceable by machines. Maybe sooner than YOU think there will be fewer excuses for those UNwilling to learn new skills and to work to be supported by those who ARE willing to learn and to work.
Oooo, that's so unfair! Seems copying really isn't a viable alternative to innovation. Who knew? Answer: Apple.
It's just you. They'll probably be doing both simultaneously. It's called phase over. It'll simply serve to demonstrate to all concerned how the robotically-produced products will come out faster and with fewer flaws than the ones produced by humans.
New Posts  All Forums: