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Get a (better) job, save up, go to the Apple Store and ask nicely for one.
Yes, it is.
It's not a selfie, and it's not awkward. What's your point?
My Apple brown leather case for my iPhone 6+ is nicely broken in after a year of use, so I may decide to keep it for my 6s+ if it fits well enough. I've found it to be of good quality, and it's shown no signs of wear. It'll probably look good on Space Gray with its black face.
I'm just glad for Apple (and me) that there is such a strong continuing demand for these new iPhones. The iPhone 6+ 128 I bought last year is the best iPhone ever. It still works great, and I get to turn it in for a new one—whenever it arrives (current estimate from AT&T: 23 Oct). No worries.
We preordered from AT&T online. My wife's 6s 64GB Space Gray is due 9/24, and my 6s Plus 128GB Space Gray is due a month later. That's OK. I spent a LOT of time in line at the Apple Store last year for our 6's. These will be shipped directly to us.
AT&T's site came up before Apple's, so I ordered our phones there. Monthly payments for Next were lower this year. Estimated shipping times next month, but that's OK. I don't have to wait in line at the Apple Store this year, and I can ship the old phones back within 10 days with prepaid shipping labels.
AT&T told me earlier that their online preordering starts at 12:01 am CENTRAL time. They ship the phones directly, and for Next customers you have 10 days to ship your trade-in phone back with a prepaid label. Hopefully, they'll have the models and colors we want.
That's funny. You used the wrong homonym. It should be "ad hominem."
Illustrator 5???? Man, the current version is 19!!!   Yosemite is 64-bit and your old AI is most likely 32-bit.   Quit wasting your time and upgrade to the current version.
New Posts  All Forums: