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Get over it, bud. Do you seriously think Adobe is suddenly going to start pandering to all your kind and go back to the old way? Adobe is not alone in using a subscription business model. Though it has and will perhaps continue to lose a number of cheapskate "customers" from this, its actual paying productive customers and new ones who have no problem with the new system will continue to grow and leave you people in the dust.
We're with you, Joseph. We're happy CC subscribers, too, and we love the convenience and benefits of membership. We use Adobe software tools every day to make our living, and have for almost thirty years. Creative Cloud is by far the best system for our needs, and it provides the best access to Adobe's ever-improving products with its monthly payment structure. All this anti-Adobe crap is indeed baffling. Yet, realize also that one can easily find hordes of tortured souls...
Why are you asking peeepul their lame opinions (most of which are ridiculously slanted and stupid)? Go to Adobe.com and download free trial versions and figure it out for yourself.
Well, if you're somehow saying NO ONE should decide, then you're dead wrong, because the stupid hoi poloi can be counted on to come up with the tawdriest degraded crap, and you'd be hard-pressed to find any content worth looking at. I honestly think all this babble about "openness" is just veiled propaganda intent on suppressing quality content. By quality content, I mean most likely what Apple is now talking about under the term "curated." I may or may not agree with the...
Why to you find something negative to say about everything under the sun? I'd be interested to see just what Apple curates, and then determine if it's worth my time or not. I can see the value of curated content, as people in general are stupid, and average standards and tastes have recently been distinctly degraded. And this is to say nothing about the puppet masters who tell the major publishers what to say. It's ingriguing to me to see if Apple can somehow escape such...
Looks like there was a decent turnout.   I think the neighborhood will soon appreciate having its own Apple Store.
Didn't this store get some flooding? Perhaps it's to repair that, and maybe just to update the store, since it's been open 24/7 for years now. And they have the chance to use the soon-to-be-vacated FAO Schwartz space right next door. Pretty fortuitous.
Life is just one boring blur for you, isn't it.
What's your point? I think let is ingenious and fitting, as it is more "conversational" than "set", and it harkens to an inter-human discussion of a logical point: "Let this quantity equal. . ." would be an opening statement, just as variable value assignments typically open a section of code.
How would you feel if your work was criticized like you're criticizing Apple's? How about coming up with something constructive, or at least holding your tongue until you do?
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