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I love swiping to my AmEx card on my Watch to pay with Apple Pay. It's a real feeling of privilege, convenience, and security.
What strikes me about Android is its original concept: a pale copy of iOS, but with the intent of it being an advertising tool for Google.
We have an iPhone 6 and a 6+ (both on Next) and an iPad Mini (pre-Next, subsidized) all sharing 10GB for (I think) $240. The 10GB package gives us some discounts. We've never gone over, but we've got Apple Music now, so we'll see how much data that eats.
Can't wait to get all the enhancements in September by turning in my year-old 6+ 128 on AT&T's Next plan and just have to pay sales tax!
Same here.
Clueless. These stupid surveys mean nothing—most likely to Apple, as well. Apple just keeps its head down and keeps cranking out improved versions of hardware and software. iOS 9 promises to breathe new life into its mobile devices, including iPads. The iPad Pro is also a new category which has typically been given short shrift by bloggers and gossip mongers, I mean reporters.
Oh no you don't! Net Neutrality applies to manipulating data rates, not to free/paid-for content. The idea here is that T-Mobile is simply not going to charge for data usage for Apple Music streaming. That's NOT non-neutrality.
And I agree with you.
I only read some of your thousands of posts, so I don't know if you bought an Apple Watch. Probably not, judging by all your ranting. But YOU'RE nuts if you think the media matters, and if you're swayed by anything you read or hear from it. Use your OWN perceptions, or learn to do so, so that you can avail yourself of more of the goodness of Apple products.
It's interesting how "The Rest of Us" used to apply mainly to people who wanted a better personal computing experience than what could be had in the tortured Windoze world.   Now, with Apple's personal computing devices having become so "personal" as to reside on people's wrists, and with the Apple "ecosystem" broadening easily to embrace such, I think the concept is morphing to those who prefer "pure Apple" whenever possible.   I personally couldn't imagine...
New Posts  All Forums: