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2nd store IN THAT CITY. If you look at apple.com/retail and click on "All Stores", there are currently 13 stores in China.
Far more significant than mere toys. People around the world recognize Apple products' life-enhancing value, despite their purported "high price" which most of them are ready and willing to pay. By holding his team's values and coordinated actions to the company's standards, Mr. Cook is leading the Apple juggernaut to ever higher accomplishments. The insane feel threatened. The sane will view this as inspiration for their own enterprises.
Sell crap while the sun shines. . .
I don't care about any surveys or categories. I don't care about any other company's crap gadgets. I'm getting an Apple Watch for its integration with Apple's ecosystem, its aesthetics, and its inevitably great functionality.
One big part of Apple Pay is being able to leave your credit cards at home, and keep your wallet thinner.   I also got an Apple Store gift card for Christmas which was credit card-sized and as thick. I scanned it into Passbook on my iPhone, and they scanned the virtual card at my Apple Store when I made a purchase.   The total was more than the card amount, and I used Apple Pay to pay the balance.   Now that's seriously convenient!
You ARE wrong. Campus 2 is no monument. Everything about his design is practical and meant to enhance efficiency and production. It's also meant to be majorly environmentally friendly. Why are you people always trying to predict future doom based on failures of the past? That's literally insane.
Beyond seeing factual confirmation of Samsung's long-term lying and cover-ups of its actual statistics, as evidenced by its compulsory reporting of sharply declining sales/profits, I'd like to see, one fine day, some sort of confirmation of who the "puppet masters" are who are pulling the strings of the running dog press and of these incessant negative commenters.
Phones are far more mass-market than computers. So there are probably sizable markets for all the various form factors. This isn't Apple "returning" to the 4" form factor; it's Apple bringing the various advanced features like Touch ID and better cameras to that size phone. Hopefully newer and smaller batteries will be able to deliver acceptable battery lives.   I love my 6+ and consider its size ideal for me. But I can understand that many others might prefer other sizes.
It's not a matter of "they just don't get it". Quite the contrary. They get it, and they're scrambling to somehow protect vested interests. You're looking at a concerted, desperate, and covert FUD campaign against Apple.
And your last "it's" should be "its".
New Posts  All Forums: