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So what would YOU name it, wise guy? It goes on the wrist. It quacks like a duck. So call it a watch, for convenience sake, for familiarity sake. Simple.
Seriously, just what the hell is wrong with you?
Good move. It's a helluva stigma to overcome when a person is trying to start over after a prison sentence. Construction work is indeed a good area for someone to prove him or her self.
Well I'm no spring chicken, as my first machine was the Macintosh 512 in 1987 which I bought at the age of 37. I've been a full-time professional technical artist, making my living and supporting a family exclusively on Macs since then and have bought many thousands of dollars of Apple computers and products over the years. I can say in all honesty that I have rarely of ever been seriously disappointed in any of Apple's OSs—especially since OS X.1. Though, admittedly,...
He's so caught up in all his blabber that he's thinking far more than simply looking. I've been playing with the new Photos app and think it's really slick—a LOT better than the previous version. I've also been on Yosemite since its inception and think it's yet again the best OS Apple has produced.
We don't need barometers, and if Apple is pushing online orders only, it's pretty certain that they've prepared their infrastructure for the launch window.In fact, online is the best strategy, as it's far more expandable than trying to shoehorn more stock and more customers into already crowded stores, and dealing with ever longer wait lines.
I think you're being needlessly critical and suspicious.
Not for everyone.
C'mon yourself.There were over 500 people waiting in line at the Tampa Apple Store all night the night before the iPhone 6 was released. If these sorts of lines get longer, these will be serious logistical nightmares for all concerned. What CAN be expanded and improved is the online store. Perhaps Apple has.
New Posts  All Forums: