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Yes it is, if you want to work at an Apple Store. It's policy. It's what you agree to if you sign on. If you don't like it, find a job elsewhere.
No it isn't. And there IS no problem. The suit was thrown out, and that's it. Quit complaining and move on.
Apple Music didn't mess up my iCloud Music Library. I love Apple Music, and I'm now a subscriber. Quit complaining and move on.
It doesn't matter what the negative considerations against Apple Music are. All that matters are those customers who like it and subscribe. (I'm one of them.) This is a good ad which will invite many new customers into the fold.
That's a good point!
You make my point. No amount of yammering will keep you and your kind from sadly fading away in our rearview mirrors as we continue expanding into newer and better hardware and software.
Not stupid at all.Though this would seem to require some retraining for touch typists in order to register adequate forces for each respective key, and to get used to the feel of haptic feedback, new keyboards could be better sealed against moisture and dirt and be made thinner and more durable.This patent would garner Apple more revenue from licensing fees and/or further leave the competition in the dust.I love the trackpad on our new rMB, and 3D Touch on my iPhone 6s+.
It's simply a bundle promotion (for those who don't already have an iPhone), and they're testing it out in two market areas.   It's for the unwashed masses who somehow have to rely on others' opinions before they'll buy anything that's new.   If Apple can get more watches out there and on people's wrists, then they'll tell their buddies how great it is—and how different it is from all the wearable junk already out there.
That's funny! As if "jailbreakers" deserve a break! NO, they don't!
Wrong. The essence of life is "change." Something is either expanding, or it's contracting—it never stays the same. iOS is continuously expanding and improving. Move on or move out.
New Posts  All Forums: