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That's selfish and silly. Foxconn should be able to benefit fully from this huge capital investment and be able to sell its services to all of its customers. Apple's competitive edge does not depend solely upon Foxconn's products, just as no competitor would suddenly gain an advantage over Apple simply from Foxconn's robotic production for them.
Nope. These are two separate issues. Essential workers indeed have rights and should demand them. But those rights do NOT extend to the presevation of those jobs when they can indeed be replaced by robots. When job functions can be duplicated and improved upon by robots, then the answer is clear. People interested in working should be flexible enough to predict the eventual loss of the jobs they're currently on and invest before they lose their jobs in training and/or...
So get ready, everyone, for Apple to set the Swiss watch industry on its ear, just like it set the mobile phone industry on its ear.   I haven't worn a watch for a good while now since I've had my iPhone with me all the time. But it's admittedly a little awkward to have to haul my iPhone out of my pocket and press the button to see the time.   I also still have a bit of a yearning to have a classy-looking timepiece on my wrist for myself and others to admire. But...
No. Machines will never be smart, unless you keep lowering the bar for what qualifies as smart (for humans as well). The price of freedom is: constant vigilance and the willingness to fight back. So if enough of us keep applying this, machines will remain our servants.
Submitted/requested changes probably aren't automatically made. I would guess that each one is reviewed by Apple/Tom Tom staff first.
It's a waste of time explaining anything. A number of us got the intended message. Those who didn't just continue with their dull lives.
When did you learn humans' language? when did you learn how to type?
Well put. I agree.
Well put. I agree.
Your mini tower has arrived in the form of the new Mac Pro. Slots? Forget it. They're so '90s.
New Posts  All Forums: