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Helluva "walled garden" this is turning into, I say! Welcome to Apple World! I like it here.
Perhaps this will be yet another benefit of my Creative Cloud subscription which includes Acrobat XI Pro.
And it seems to make Edition cost $7,000 more than with the Sport band! 
I think it's interesting that Apple could bypass the entire cable industry to provide satellite internet service via its own hardware and ecosystem.
The dolt who quoted the Boeing VP doesn't know how to spell: it's terabytes and petabytes.
I've enjoyed this coverage of Apple Campus 2 construction.   Hopefully, someone will also provide similar coverage of Tesla's Giga Factory when that gets going.   I envision a "beautiful friendship" between the two companies.
You sound like Balmer. HA!
It'll be obsolete in ONE year. There'll probably be substantial trade in credits.
I concur. Also, no one has apparently thought of the possibility of Apple offering trade-in credit towards new models when they appear. Might be substantial. . .
New Posts  All Forums: