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Here's a wild idea. Get a job.
If you don't "get it" any words of explanation would be wasted on you, Frenchman.
I'm looking at what's useful about it and ignoring the weaknesses. I want to use it mainly on a tripod for landscapes and static subjects. The usefulness I see is the remote control via an iPad, mini or full-size. The camera can be low or with sun to its back, or pointing down at the subject on the floor, and I'll be able to be in a comfortable position, sitting, shaded, under an umbrella, viewing the scene through a hood over the iPad, etc., and pop the shot when it's...
Good news. I want a QX100 for its unique features. Good to see that it must be a going concern, otherwise why upgrade it?
What a pile of steaming crap.You used "it's" incorrectly twice, genius.
I think the new Mac Pro will in part be a proving ground for Apple's new approach to distributed computing as uniquely supported by the OS. Even with the iMac's different form factor, it also has fan-aided convective "chimney" cooling, and it probably has room for beefier GPUs in the future.Though Apple's tradition of close and in-house integration of hardware/software has long been scoffed at by the competition, it's proving more and more to be an effective end run and a...
Pretty sure you're wrong. Jaded pessimistic commenter.
Oh sure, but without Apple to copy from and without Apple's empowerment of people to use computers more productively and with relative ease, that "change" might well have been quite a bit more "Orwellian"--and especially without Apple fighting those parasitic forces tooth and nail all the way. Look at the "mighty" MS and the fragmented Android today! The fight is far from over, pal.
The best revenge is success. Just deserts for Samsung, I'd say.
The timing is going to work out just about right for us.   I want to see The Foundry Modo optimized for this beast, for one thing. Optimized Adobe apps would also be great.   And since we'll need new displays, I'd much rather see whatever follows the current Apple Thunderbolt displays which resemble too much the older aluminum iMacs. And perhaps Apple will make displays to match the finish of the new Pro.
New Posts  All Forums: