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DED's editorials are what I read after those of the king of sarcasm, the Macalope, at macworld.com   The sarcasm is entirely appropriate and deserved. Perhaps they could rate their stuff PG and your mama could set parental controls for you.   What's "mysterious" to me about Microsoft is why we haven't seen one "baldie's" head on a pike by now.
I haven't seen it asked or mentioned yet about the impact on battery life and "logistics" of these monster images. During the event, Nokia mentioned and briefly showed the add-on grip which has a supplementary battery, ostensibly for the flash, but I'm thinking it's for overall battery life enhancement.   This looks like "feature boasting" from Nokia. I seriously doubt if 41 megapixel images will be "appreciated" by the average user. 
Doesn't add up? Then you're adding the wrong numbers. Advertisers who can afford iAds aren't dummies and most likely know not to waste ad budgets on cheap-ass fandroids. iOS users are more likely to buy from iAd advertisers, too, because they know this, and because they have money and are willing and able to pay for what they want. Savvy advertisers know that, too.
"Plenty to lose"? Like being able to sleep through class? Like cheating on exams? Like not having to think for yourself and just believing what the teacher tells you? That'd be just awful!!!
All these objections are ridiculous. If anyone can't see what Apple is doing with this new iOS design, any attempts to explain or defend it are wasted on them. I also suspect that a good number, if not most, of these sputterings are from people who were told to post that kind of crap--maybe even paid to do so.   To me, the design simply wants to "get out of the way" of the apps. It's clean, simple, and inviting.   I also love iRadio in iTunes. Glad to have it as...
I heartily concur!
Thank you so much. You won't be missed.
"Coincidence" doesn't mean "parallel."But "chaff" means YOU! :-)
It's fascinating to see how this CC transformation is separating the wheat from the chaff! ;-) We're in our second year of what is now CC, and we're quite pleased. Interesting coincidence with Apple's own metamorphosis out of its "big cat" naming phase with Mavericks. Can't wait to see how these new Adobe tools run in it AND on the new Mac Pro!
Yes it is! These are welcome improvements.
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