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Thank you so much. You won't be missed.
"Coincidence" doesn't mean "parallel."But "chaff" means YOU! :-)
It's fascinating to see how this CC transformation is separating the wheat from the chaff! ;-) We're in our second year of what is now CC, and we're quite pleased. Interesting coincidence with Apple's own metamorphosis out of its "big cat" naming phase with Mavericks. Can't wait to see how these new Adobe tools run in it AND on the new Mac Pro!
Yes it is! These are welcome improvements.
Granted, DED is a great writer as well as a profound present-day intellect, and from his apparent research skills, a far better analyst than most of those who call themselves such, but if you must depend upon others such as him for interpretation, you should realize that his frequent pro-Apple stances are most likely based upon his apparent preference to OBSERVE with his own eyes and draw his own conclusions based on those observations. We should all do that more!
This IS the Mac Pro Mini! Do Apple or DED have to name it as such for you? Just LOOK at it! What does Apple have to do for you besides put it right beside the old Pro to show you? IT'S MINI, FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD! At this early stage, it would be unwise for Apple to reveal its whole strategy. I guess Frakes hasn't twigged on this either, as you linked to his Mar 4th article.. Besides being obviously smaller in form, with SIX (since you need this all spelled out for you,...
I haven't read such a sane and savvy post in a very looooooong time! Totally agree.   Not having any industry connections, a long time ago I imagined what the next Pro might be, and I came up with pretty much the same idea of a "modular" machine with its main components in a small package and relying on Tunderbolt to connect it with optional expansion chassis. Sure enough, my idea was a good one.   I'm now thinking that pricing may very will also "surprise and delight",...
I hesitate to waste my time explaining it if it isn't obvious to you, but "Designed in California" is implicitly "Designed in USA", as California is IN the USA (duoh). Apple has used that phrase since Day One of at least the Macintosh (1984). It's a point of pride, a point of class, a point of coolness which only California could connote. You're probably not from California or you'd have a clue. But if you are, then shame on you for not having one.
"Assembled in USA" DOES sound good. It's progress.
I think the key take away points of this video are Lee's obvious love of Steve and of Apple--and, implicitly, of Lee's ability to help Steve and Apple over those thirty years through his own creative contributions.
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