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I can call them dumb as well as you, which is my basic right. Trying to use a device for things for which it was not designed IS dumb. The 3G models have yet to arrive. But even then, the 3G connection is meant more for DATA, not voice. On Steve's initial keynote, he showed a diagram of how the iPad fits BETWEEN laptops and phones. Give the kiddies more time to play and they'll figure it out better.
Nothing like direct observation. He was probably grateful he wasn't totally mobbed. If it were my most important product, I'd want to do the same thing.
. . . around the competition. No one else has hardware AND software coordinated under the same roof, nor does anyone else have the inspired leadership to keep a well coordinated team on the "straight and narrow path" for the DECADES that Apple has spent developing their overall operation. Apple hasn't abandoned computers. It's transformed itself into the company it needed to be in order to adapt and survive. I'm sure Steve is very proud of his team. I know I am!
How many times do you have to repeat yourself? You've made your lame point, now move on for cryin' out loud.
Quibbling: "argue or raise objections about a trivial matter". The word applies. "Trivial" is the key word.
All this quibbling over HD is stupid. It's just a label. Deal with it.4:3 ISN'T archaic, because Apple chose to use if for a brand new device which has multiple purposes and uses, one of which is watching movies. It doesn't matter that a movie may not fill the whole screen. What matters it that it's both bigger than an iPhone/iPod Touch AND more portable than a laptop.The 4:3 ratio makes it useful for many other purposes, too, including book reading and document...
Why do you people seemingly have to be hit over the head in order to grasp something new or a little different?The microcell provides CELLULAR PHONE SERVICE to those phones to which you grant access to your microcell, and it uses the WiFi connection to link to the main AT&T cellular network. It's in advance of or in lieu of normal access to regular cellular towers.In the majority of cases, WiFi doesn't replace the need for cellular service, at least for other people within...
Think about it. Probably because of the complexities of currency exchange rates, taxes, customs regulations, etc. Too much trouble to be worth it, and for possibly small potential demand.
Seems like a good hedge against possible faltering sales of these other readers once the iPad starts selling like hotcakes.
The main idea of indicating organ donor status on drivers licenses is that most adults have and carry one on their person, and so that medical staff are able to start transplant procedures sooner, in case the donor candidate is unable to communicate after the accident, or his or her family is inaccessible during the short organ viability time window after a fatal accident. It is irrationally counter-productive and inappropriate to not institute or enhance such a system...
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