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Which is why Apple needs trained engineers and technicians to design, build, operate, and maintain the robots and processes. Almost anyone with a reasonable amount of intelligence and dedication to learn can prepare for such jobs. The laggards who've been fired from menial labor or legacy factory jobs who refuse to learn and get qualified for this new demand deserve their self-precipitated fates.
So what? In the mean time, just say, "Thank you!" It's not up to Apple alone to cure all of Arizona's woes.
 What is this "um" stuff? A "thought impediment"? You have a mistaken concept of what the QX lenses are. They're NOT "external lenses". They're external CAMERAS to the smart phone. They're actually cameras in themselves with internal image sensors and image storage memory on an SD card. What these "cameras" are missing is a viewfinder. That's the job delegated to the smartphone, along with remote control functions of the "camera." The QX100 takes 20 megapixel images and...
Don't know why or how Apple approved such an app in the first place.
IOS 7 works fine for me on new hardware. Your apps crashing might be because they haven't been updated for iOS 7 compatibility.
Totally aside from all the snarky quips made here in this comments thread, if anyone takes a few minutes to view the video of the press conference, and if they give half a damn about Apple and its founder, and/or if they have at least a scrap of human decency and common sense left in them, they'll appreciate the words of Cupertino's mayor and Mr. Oppenheimer, who both referred to Apple's love of Cupertino, which reflects Steve's own love of the city where he grew up and in...
It is indeed a good feature. We have four iPads, all of which have cellular, three of which rarely need it. We're going to take three of them off of Mobile Share, which will reduce the monthly by $30.One thing to add here is that you have to bring your iPad(s) to an AT&T store to get a different SIM card. Then, when you want a cellular "session", you can purchase it through your device with a credit card.
I think it's an ingenious design which should foster interaction and coordination. There also don't seen to be any "corner offices" as such. I can't think of a better way to give every space a great view of the beautiful campus grounds.
Wrong. Read your reference again. The "I" in question was in the OBJECT of the prepositional phrase and should therefore be "me" which is the objective form of the pronoun.
I agree. It was a good presentation. It was as if she was ”auditioning" for Apple.
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