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It's not a broken feature. You're lying. Most iPhone 4s work great with or without a case. Get your free bumper and see if your problems persist. If they do and your iPhone 4 doesn't perform enough like a phone for you, then return it for a full refund, and be on your merry way. Very simple.
"Very good" with logic, huh? Well try these facts on: Steve Jobs is the co-founder of Apple, Inc. That was about thirty-five years ago. He even came back to Apple after being fired. That's staying power, determination, sincerity, honesty, stick-to-itiveness, etc. That's rare in the world--especially amongst top-management strata. Since Steve's return, Apple's important statistics are on the rise. How many other major corporations in this day and age can boast of such? This...
Go back and watch the event video. Get your facts straight and your erroneous convictions under control. Steve said that the iPhone4 has weak spots just like other smartphones. One partial solutions for those who experience problems is to use a case to insulate the antenna from hands.
So just buy something different and go away! We'll certainly thank you for that!
So if what you're doing isn't whining, what is it? Whatever it is I'm reeeeeally tired of hearing it. How about just putting up or shutting up? Get your free bumper or case, return your iPhone 4 for a refund, and/or sell your stock. Simple.
A press release is a press release. Apple wouldn't call one if they didn't have something important to say. It also may mean that the resolutions to the iPhone 4's problems are still in progress or they could announce that corrected phones will be shipping soon or on a particular date.
. . . how similar iPhone 4 is to Vista???!!! ;-)
Dinosaurs like you may, but deaf doesn't mean stupid.
Nope. Too many logistics headaches.They'd have to have all sorts of sizes and enclosures. No room to display them in retail stores.And that's to say nothing of ever-changing technologies. Too expensive to keep up with.Remember that Apple iPod portable speaker thing? Dead in the water. Too cumbersome. Too awkward. Too stupid.
No it isn't.We've paid for TV for decades by having to put up with irrelevant ads.This is a big relief and more equitable, as you more directly pay for what you want to watch as you go. Kinda like paying tolls on toll roads.
New Posts  All Forums: