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DED's not about to "chill" because of any of your spec blabber. The only thing that matters, when it occurs, is any platform switching—in either direction.
This speaks to significant failures at Samsung's executive levels to meet and beat Apple at its own game of designing and producing as a smoothly coordinated team quality products which people actually want and which they buy in large quantities. They most likely have the potential technical expertise and resources, but they seem to lack inspired leadership capable of setting realistic goals and coordinated command structures capable of executing programs and plans to...
It's probably waiting for the iPad Pro.
I can see how this would be useful for roughing in designs while with the client, while commuting to or from work, etc.
This is like grocery chains honoring competitors' coupons. Why not.
Well put.
What a fortuitous position Apple is in to be able to do this sort of promotion and suspense building!   Like Slurpy said, the power of the Apple brand is what this is about.   This is the essence of marketing: create want.
I seriously doubt if any (or many) will care. The few who do will be like squished bugs under the wheels of the Apple delivery trucks.
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