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Enough of this "wage disparity" whining. If you want more money, go out and earn it. She has.
When will you "software ownership" people get the message? EULAs have been around since the very beginning of personal computers in the late '70s, and if you ever care to read them, the "L" in EULA stands for "licensing." You pay for a license and you agree (the "A" in EULA) to the terms of that use (the "U" in EULA). You never really own the software. With the YouTube/Google stuff, you're not even paying for anything, so there's especially no user ownership in the...
Agreed. Exactly how many people are affected? Not nearly enough to worry about. Worst case would be a class action lawsuit, one without precedent.
Agreed. Like with so many other devices that others come out with first, Apple takes its time to design it right. What if they make it possible to hook two iPad Pros together give to make dual displays and be able to have both processors handle the computing load?
I would love to see Adobe Illustrator et al with touch functionality running on the iPad Pro.
Well put.
Ridiculous. All or most of these tattoos were made before anyone knew about this potential problem. Now that other tattoo candidates know, they can have their tattoo artists leave an ink-free spot for the watch.
Apple products aren't for everyone. Sometimes life choices preclude other choices.
Probably just as well. I think the article's photo speaks for itself. The two don't really go well together. 
Agreed. The most telling of this writer's comments were at the end, how he expressed how "worth it" the watch is for him. Apple has commented often how the Apple Watch is the most personal product they've made. And Tim has said often how Apple has remained true to its goal of "getting the technology out of the way." The Apple Watch is the next evolutionary step along that road.
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