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You don't know what they're working on. The new products will come when they're ready. Quit parroting the Apple bashing party line.
There's no creation without some destruction. And you don't know what all they're doing with the materials they tore down. Quit assuming.
Hear, hear!
While all you bozos bicker on about having to actually pay for the software you use, I've spent a few pleasant hours editing a bunch of my photos on my iPad 2 with LRM. What struck me right away was its elegant and well-thought-out UI. You simply set your collections in LR to synch with LRM, and they soon appear in LRM. Or you can create new collections from your iPad's Camera Roll. Each control has a display-wide slider, and you can watch the histogram in the upper...
Sounds like Samsung is really worried.
No one or nothing survives for long on lies.
He's not preaching at all. Not everyone reading AI is necessarily in the "choir." Happily, your apathy over doing something to handle Samsung's criminality is not shared by Apple. Apple will eventually prevail. Your hoping-and-wishing-that-something-bad-will-simply-go-away-somehow tactic is but one of the faults of today's society. There is no such thing as failure--only lack of persistence or follow-through.
Turkey has a fascinating culture. I'm very excited for them with the first Apple Store of their own. With their apparent sincerity and enthusiasm with Apple products and services as signaled by the President's visit to Cupertino, we should be hearing a lot more good news in the not-too-distant future.
So why should Luxottica/Ray-Ban worry about what a pack of whiners and complainers think about their business dealings? As if any of you would pony up for Ray-Bans anyway! As if any of you would pony up for Glass! Pfft.
Apple isn't automating to save money. They do it to increase production. The automation of jobs that CAN be automated is actually a humanitarian thing as it relieves humans of the drudgery of those tasks. Whining over lost jobs betrays your own lethargy or unwillingness to learn to do better, more challenging and enjoyable work.
New Posts  All Forums: