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I didn't mind waiting for my new 27" iMac. It's really sweet with the big bright non-glare display, 32 GB RAM, faster processors, etc. I've been buying Macs since 1985, and every new one I get is so much better than the one it replaces. And this one's the most beautiful of them all.   I'm very grateful to Tim and his crew for their resolve to keep creating the best products on the planet. My life is so much better as a result.
No. You don't get it. This virtual trackpad would still be controlled by the physical trackpad. This doesn't change the fact that touchscreens on laptops and desktops are awkward for the most part and would incur significant hardware costs.
Today's new patent would seem to be a significant refinement of that "LCD Trackpad" concept--a much better idea, because it eliminates the hardware cost of the second LCD, as well as not obsoleting so much existing hardware. It could also be used with desktop Mac via the Magic Trackpad. This virtual trackpad would be easier to see, and would be adjustable accessibility-wise and localizing-wise.
A ceramic case would make the products unique, like Apple always tries to do. Durability might be at least on the order of, if not better than, Corming's Corell. Moulability/shapeability would also allow for aesthetically pleasing designs. Not recyclable? So what? The material would at least be non chemically reactive, and therefore non-polluting. The cases could be crushed into sand-like powder.
The only arrogance here is with the conveniently anonymous bloggers and commenters who pretend to speak for the poor and underprivileged, who proselytize a wonderful socialist state where nobody has to actually work in order to afford the "good life" and the accouterments thereof.
Samsung has no class to allow one of its VPs to talk like this in public.   What a tawdry tactic to yammer about lack of innovation while Apple is most likely working like crazy on its next new thing. Not that they'd stoop to engaging such a cheap ploy, even if they had the time.   Apple's best revenge will be its continuing success.
This is great news and very significant to me.   I've been an Apple Zealot since about 1979. In 1987, I became a fulltime freelance illustrator working exclusively on a Mac and using Adobe software.   Earning a decent living ensued for the next 25 years.   I'm now transitioning into being an iOS developer, learning the language and roughing in numerous ideas for apps.   Having worked for myself all these years, I've enjoyed one benefit in particular:...
". . . parallels with Apple of the 1990s. . ."!!!! Ridiculous. As pathetically stooooopid as all of this rampant compulsion to predict the future by looking into the past.
They're NOT inferior screens, you dunce! We don't need another screen size to fragment the platform. As it is all existing apps will run on the Mini without modification. It has the same pixel count as the iPad, which makes it a higher resolution--in the direction of retina, which is a good thing. A retina display would have given you something else to complain about--an even higher price.
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