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Good post. Totally agree.
How do you know they're not? Two totally different "ball games." I'd say Pay is most likely more priority at this stage, though. It's far more strategic, and Pay has to go in with a bang so as to beat our potential competition. Auto makers can "switch" with relative ease with a new model year. Isn't Ford switching from MS's system to CarPlay?
I don't get that, either. I'd also love to be able to use my MasterCard Paypal Debit card with Pay.
Enough of this "competition is good" crap. If Samsung, et al, had half a clue what it actually means to compete, they would have started from scratch, somehow would have gotten honest (if anyone of them had half a clue what THAT means), and would have paid their dues by truly innovating their OWN technology and products without stealing from and/or copying Apple. Apple actually HASN'T HAD and doesn't need competition to have achieved what they have achieved.
Agreed. And this is why Apple's would-be competitors fail—NOT because Apple is so successful and that it made most of the money (there's ALWAYS more money to be made, markets and customers to be had or MADE)—because they failed to be inspired by Apple's EXAMPLE of how it's done business since Jobs' return, and build their own companies with similar values and focus and follow through.
No. That's not what Apple does or is about. Part of Apple's successful formula is remaining true to its own principles.
Why bother making it waterproof when it requires an iPhone for full functionality? I'd say waterproof may come later. They have to start somewhere. It'd be silly to delay release for the sake of waterproof when no one knows what the demand for that feature would be.
This is a good idea.   It will provide useful anonymous usage data for engineering analysis, which would be unavailable by any other means.   For its secondary use in helping to determine warranty coverage eligibility, the system could determine more objectively whether the abuse was accidental or chronic.   I think Apple tries to be flexible in this and balances the value of good customer relations with "evidence." Case in point: I dropped my iPhone 6+ accidentally...
It doesn't necessarily take two hands. You can program up to five "digits", and if you program your thumbs, you can use the thumb of the holding hand to unlock. The sensor recognizes the print in any orientation. Just get used to it. You know it's a better phone.
I don't think so. Why would they set up a factory in Texas and dump all that R&D and design $$$ into the new machine and not invest more to take it further. The obvious missing element is an up-to-date Thunderbolt display. But also obvious is that the technology is changing rapidly. So they're most likely hedging their bets as well as spending more design $$$ to "get it right." Apple is doing great with existing markets, so it behooves them to take their time to get the...
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