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You people sound like a flock of buzzards squabbling over pieces of carrion, totally oblivious to the life that once was, totally oblivious to the higher qualities of life: beauty, quality of life, etc. These new products will change our lives for the better, which will be the basis for even more prosperity for Apple and its customers.
Just sayin' no Watch owner will want to keep this first edition for 40 years. They'll happily pay for each new edition. Do the math.
The Watch WILL outsell Rolex. Quit saying the Watch looks like other smart watches. It doesn't at all. Everything else is junk.
Basic rule of pricing: Charge what the market will bear. Just watch these Editions sell out immediately.
Wrong. The gold alone will be worth far more than that. Duoh.
If I owned one, I couldn't care less what others thought of it.
MOS is better as the watch speaks for itself.
No, you're the fool for paying any attention at all to analysts.
They're not mad. You're simply jealous. They'll sell like hotcakes. $10K is nothing for those who want the best.
I applaud Apple for incorporating precious metals in their new watch products. The real test will be my subjective impressions once I see, heft, and wear them on my wrist. Quite exciting.   More power to them if they can pull off a platinum version.   One obstacle to high-end traditional watch ownership, beyond the obstacle of price, for me, is the fact that an expensive watch is still just a watch, no matter how beautiful or "complicated" it may be. The promise of the...
New Posts  All Forums: