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There's a way, and it's not in hell. I'm 6'3", and I wear size 34 Wranglers. The 6 Plus fits easily in my front pockets. I can sit down comfortably, and I can even remove it from my front pocket without having to stand up.
Quit bad-mouthing AT&T. You have to finish paying for any subsidized device, and you have to be beyond any buyer remorse period for any new device which replaces it. You also have to request an unlock via their website, supplying its IMEI number.
It's not upside down. It's a 6+ in landscape mode (icons, too).
It irritates me no end to see you people complain about a great new OS just because your dinko old devices don't have enough room for it. As if you expect Apple to pander to you slackers. NFWP. Get over it and upgrade or leave.
 Wrong. You're only as good as your last ____________. The only things that matter are what a person is doing NOW—in present time. His significant contributions were almost forty years ago. Then he left. When you leave a group, you lose all or most all credibility with it.
I guess I'm feeing some schadenfreude over MS's continuing struggles and failures. It's really not like they don't deserve it after all these years of unenlightened leadership (including Gates') and a rapacious strategy of customer lock-in to their products and services. But I kind of feel bad for their "foot soldiers" who are just trying to do their jobs. But then again, any one of them with any sense should have been able to see the writing on the wall. So to hell with...
You seem to be awash in a sea of words and significance. That's no way to live. Strip things down to simplicities. Concentrate more on "looking." What do you actually see, as opposed to "think, think, think," or "symbols, symbols, symbols." If you must use symbols, the only one that really matters is "love" in its many manifestations most of which are quite obvious if one only "looks."
I am. Since I got my iPhone 6+ 128, I've not used my iPad Mini much at all. The iPhone is big enough, now, and it fits in my pocket, and it's a phone, and it's a lot faster, and it has Touch ID. 'Nuff said. Bottom line for Apple in any event, though, is that if it's not selling adequately, then it gets axed. That's nature. That's business. Apple doesn't have to pander to minority fringes who'll always find SOMETHING to complain about. Now I'm interested in a large iPad, as...
Get out or your muck of thinking! This will be yet another game changer, and its effects will be profound and FAST!
There is a chasm of difference between "thinking" and "looking." You're doing way too much of the former which may very well color the latter. Silly.
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