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A lawsuit is an accusation, not a conviction. Many seek to profit from would-be "chinks" in its armor.
 So, why do you suppose Apple Computer changed its name to Apple? But a car from Apple WOULD have something to do with computing in many diverse and essential ways.
Illustrator and Photoshop have been my go to daily professional tools since '87 and '90 respectively.   Both rather crude and limited in their early versions, each bore much promise of future capabilities, many driven by feedback and requests over the years from customers like me.   Each is a universe unto itself now which I've barely scratched the surfaces of, but each has been ably up to whatever tasks I've put them to.   We welcomed the switch to Creative Cloud...
I don't care what anyone says about the Watch's design. I think it's beautiful and a very good design, considering its function.   It's pragmatically rectangular because it needs to display lists often which would get too cut off is its shape were circular or oval.   Its edges and corners are rounded for comfort and, I think, to pay a bit of homage to legacy watches such as pocket watches. Also, there are no straight edges in nature. So, the roundness is there to...
Very well put. Totally agree.
Seems like Apple has built up a good momentum. Perhaps it will be enough to take Pay solidly into the majority mind set.   The bug for us is that we use our PayPal debit card almost everywhere. I may be missing an obvious point as to why, but I don't see why they couldn't co-exist amicably.
Seems like you might still be around when your dour prognostications are all proven wrong by the stellar success of the Apple watch. I can't wait to pour it on. Won't be much longer.
What a fabricator out of whole cloth you are! Ridiculous.
Wrong again. There's going to be far more to the Watch than you mention.
Let's spend more time simply LOOKING at these new technologies and watch their progress, instead of incessantly projecting future doom by extrapolating from the past. 
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