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No. Machines will never be smart, unless you keep lowering the bar for what qualifies as smart (for humans as well). The price of freedom is: constant vigilance and the willingness to fight back. So if enough of us keep applying this, machines will remain our servants.
Submitted/requested changes probably aren't automatically made. I would guess that each one is reviewed by Apple/Tom Tom staff first.
It's a waste of time explaining anything. A number of us got the intended message. Those who didn't just continue with their dull lives.
When did you learn humans' language? when did you learn how to type?
Well put. I agree.
Well put. I agree.
Your mini tower has arrived in the form of the new Mac Pro. Slots? Forget it. They're so '90s.
Doubt if they'll be pouring the foundation any time soon. Take a look at the plans posted on Cupertino City Council's site. The bottom of the two sub level garage is more than 30' down. They've got a lot more earth to move, to say nothing of a LOT of form work and re-bar work to do before any concrete pouring can begin.
The purpose of advertising is not to "inform" as much as it is to "position." The product is cleverly/craftily positioned with desirable other items, elements, activities, subjects, etc. to make it seem more attractive, desirable, etc. Any enlightenment about the product's features should happen at the store after the person has been lured there by the ad, and when they are in the best possible position to actually buy it.
In what universe? This is Apple. Its corporate culture is the one responsible for its current success. How many of us know more than a sliver of just what those values are? I can't imagine wanting anyone other than myself to "challenge my perceptions." I'M the one to do that--just like what I'm sure Apple wants to do.
New Posts  All Forums: