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I'm guessing it's those little holes for the proximity sensor. Guessing they have to be laser cut and they had to experiment to get the right power settings, etc.
No it doesn't. As the saying goes, "Nothing worthwhile is easily obtained." It may be tough, but it's worth the effort. Where would be all be now if it wasn't for all the concerted efforts of this impressive team?
There's no shortage of people who "hate ads." It's a matter of relevancy which most non-targeted ads suffer from. You've had to endure most of them because you just weren't interested. Well, like this new smartphone era which Apple ushered in with its iPhone, Apple is now ushering in iAds which will be both uniquely better targeted to each iTunes account, as well as maintain that individual's choice of participation as well as maintain his or her relative...
One of the WWDC 2010 sessions covered iAds and discussed some of the design and strategy. Apple wants to combine the interactivity of web ads with the emotion of TV ads. Big advertisers have the budgets to achieve such high production qualities, and they stand to benefit commensurately from the expected higher response levels this new class of ads promises. I think this new genre of ads is going to be immensely popular for both advertisers AND customers.
What a weird, back-handed compliment for a good service!
I hate these stupid inflammatory posts which don't give any specifics. My experience with MobileMe is that IT WORKS VERY WELL, and is entirely worth $100/year. I love the syncing and iDisk large file transfers and use them daily. The Find My iPhone feature has worked for me the one or two times I've used it, but is like insurance: the less often you need it the better, the best solution, like with insurance, being simply to keep good track of your belongings.
YOU'RE the distortion in the field for dwelling on the negatives! People happily stand in lines across the planet because of the positives in the product and for the opportunities to share in something special which promises to enhance their lives.
This is the phone that is going to substantially change the whole ballgame--AGAIN! Face Time is going to be very significant for so many, and will leave the competition seriously hard pressed to come up with a viable alternative.
Oh yeah, Apple should be very careful not to disappoint any lazy dev who doesn't want to update his app. Full time job? Yikes! Perish the thought that iOS development would require that much effort! Get your head out of your butt, you lazy bum!
Seems like you know nothing of what you speak. If you'd do a little simple reading of Apple's documentation about the iPad, you'd have your answer from the "horse's mouth". Don't rely on the gossip on these threads, and don't generate it yourself.You slander with your lazy gossip Apple's extensive honest efforts to help developers avoid the very "hoops" of which you mention.
New Posts  All Forums: