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Rhetorical tone gets lost in the net at times and this is one of them. I suspected it was timed after ISIS took on a new global meaning.http://www.itbusinessedge.com/blogs/governance-and-risk/more-than-a-name-change-isis-mobile-wallet-becomes-softcard.html,"The founder of a naming agency, Steve Manning, told Marketplace.org that the terrorist situation in the Middle East gave the ISIS app a “perfect excuse” to rebrand. "
Anyone know when these guys changed their name?Edit: Pipped by @lantzen
Monopoly is back!
Please elaborate because I had thought the bands were sold at auction by governments to prevent overlap between carriers (regulate), generate revenue to said government for the cost of regulation and so carriers can transition older tech to less desirable bands as new tech comes in.By "beg" you meant click this website and be done with the contract you entered into freely?https://www.att.com/deviceunlock/client/en_US/
What tripe since it passed the US House - hell, I think it was even started in the US House. He signed an "Bill" that began as an Act! Did School House Rock miss you as a child or are you trying to start trouble? The last 3 iPhones I bought were unlocked. My carrier has a website that you can online submit a request and the phone is unlocked. Pretty damned hard, right?
Lois is an AI forums contributor?
I didn't look beyond the current shipping LaCie thunderbolt offerings. The comparison is a Thunderbolt 2 to the 245 MB/s USB 3.0 offering?
While you can compare stand alone or even the LaCie BigDisks software RAIDs, it's not A to A as these as well as the Promise has an integrated RAID controller. Needs may not justify the cost difference to the average-joe but offloading cache, striping and rebuild is important to many. This seems like a marked improvement over G's previous RAID offerings.If i did buy this, I would put it on the floor next to my paper shredder.
New Posts  All Forums: