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Will Mr. Cook refuse the award from such a prestigious institution? The only way less people would know about this is if it was announced on MSNBC.
As long as the beginning crawl hovers over a massive pile of Gungan corpses, I'll be all-in.
I wonder if they'll stop incrementing the whole number when they get to 10.0. IOS X sounds like a nice fit.
I took his reply as a QFT... Cool dem jets.
nutgate!Nah, I've dropped it, accidentally put it my pocket with my keys, marred the case through a hole in my jeans back pocket while setting Christmas lights on my roof. I buy AppleCare+ and like to upgrade each year. A case and cover pays for itself.
I use an Apple Leather case and a screen protector from Power Support. Sold my 5S for $500 and the buyer described it as mint.#ProtectYourTech
Apple's part was until I see evidence otherwise. I'm not contesting the publishers' idiocy.
I'll be trashing this class action settlement email when it arrives. Free market got fecked thanks to DoJ and this judge and I won't be party to it.
I don't doubt it a bit. And the 536 people in DC can fix this? Maybe we're saying the same thing? The problems begin local.Edit: much trouble comes with having a single SLA for the whole municipality ignoring real factors. I've watch whole cities be deprived of ISDN because it could not be delivered everywhere due to either the physics or cost.. How can 100yr old infrastructure have the same potential as expanding or annexed lands where potential is beyond measure?
NY, NY recently re-up'd its franchise with Time Warner - did they open things up to other carriers? What did they require outside of residential access? Read what Google and AT&T agreed to for the privilege of deploying Fiber GigE in Texas.This is the same issue we all have with wireless. Last mile providers are required to give equal terms to all carriers, including the competition, so that's not the barrier. Why is it so hard to get a competing wireless tower in...
New Posts  All Forums: