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It's a perfect analogy. Weapons are used to defend and secure life and liberty; secure one's property from overwhelming force and numbers. Even in war there are rules and bullets are designed not to expand in the target and destroy. Guns are used every day to defend and secure countless times more than they are used for evil. Ask any LEO why they open carry.
Apple Store in South Austin had ZERO accessories. I'm less than happy but of course I did the in-store pickup anyway... I bought a Macbook slip cover to keep it safe until case, keyboard are available. Pencil will have to wait also. Three weeks for the keyboard... Really? This would not have happened if Sculley was around.
Me - "Hey Siri. Remind me to place a buy order for Apple." Siri = "OK, I'll remind you."
"Toute nation a le gouvernement qu'elle mérite." --Maistre
I'd settle for 10GB for each device I have using my iCloud ID. iPhone, iPad x3, MBP, iMac, ATV4 x 2, ATV3. That said, $.99 a month ain't a bad deal.
I'd argue it needed one from the point they added apps like Hulu, Netflix, MLB and legacy broadcast and cable content like HBO and CBS. Painful moving from the 2 to 3 then the 4; re-entering the same credentials over and again. I was also beta test so each wipe was added annoyance.I'm also sure it will come in time. Hopefully an SSO too although I can imagine getting a common directory service will be a pain for security and vendor agreement/alignment.
iCar? iAuto? iWantOne? Will they name it after something in Yosemite? Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd, go!
A little OT but I'd like feature to backup my device to iCloud, an IOS device and/or an iTunes instance.
Rumor has it, IBM is supplying an Apple Watch to US employees who sign up for qualifying HSAs. Figure another 100K there for 1Q 2016?
I agree - Was expecting it to index and locate at least iTunes purchased content located on my home share. Streaming horror flicks last night that were available local damaged my calm. Feels like an ApoleTV reboot that didn't learn from previous iterations.Doesn't mean I would have held off since I bought 2.
New Posts  All Forums: