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Lois is an AI forums contributor?
I didn't look beyond the current shipping LaCie thunderbolt offerings. The comparison is a Thunderbolt 2 to the 245 MB/s USB 3.0 offering?
While you can compare stand alone or even the LaCie BigDisks software RAIDs, it's not A to A as these as well as the Promise has an integrated RAID controller. Needs may not justify the cost difference to the average-joe but offloading cache, striping and rebuild is important to many. This seems like a marked improvement over G's previous RAID offerings.If i did buy this, I would put it on the floor next to my paper shredder.
10GBASE-T can utilize Cat6, Cat6a or Cat7. Which you choose will depend on distance. Cat6a/7 yields the old norm of 100m while the Cat6 is ~55m.
I picked up on it which is why my response was something completely ridiculous. However, if Apple does retrofit the 5th Ave. store with sapphire panes, I'll deny calling it ridiculous, delete this post and claim Google is doing evil by inventing a cached version.
"Print is dead." - Dr. Egon SpenglerDamn, gonna miss that guy..
Snow-blower-proof windows for their Fifth Ave, NY store.Edit: Hell, shoulda read the end of the thread.
*citations neededSo you are on record against "Investing in infrastructure"?Note to the whole GD world - please read up on Internet vs internets and [settlement-free]peering between providers. Dumping 8:1 in:out isn't neutral. When all internets are equal, then we can discuss neutrality.Edit: make your wifi public with no password so your whole neighborhood and passers by can use it. Welcome to net neutrality.
I asked a few of the staff that yesterday as I was demonstration the mechanics of the pop up after the purchase. They we're did to know yet but obviously curious. Will check back around their pay-date.
PM me some recommendations, please. Hopefully someone close carries. Perhaps Whole Foods?
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