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No, it does not address locally legal monopolies. Authorized by federal and State LawWhen did we start talking about legislation? Isn't this about FCC extending regulation authority in the absence of legislative authority. Pass the laws or regulations that don't address the problem... How does that make sense in anything but a disingenuous political maneuver? And then?I read that article and had a good laugh at the VPN thing - doesn't that utilize a proxy with a...
NCR Silver for the iPad is $499, list.
A right these days means the government will mandate quality, availability and price, while subsidizing the difference or in the case of telcos, as part of the franchise agreement, require the franchisee to pony up stuff that benefits enough of a constituency to get the measure passed such as free wifi in parks, requiring schools and government areas to be first. The larger base of the consumership picks up the tab for rolling out infrastructure to places where the...
Seriously? Countless? I think I'm post 52. I'm all-in on Apple but waiting to read what comes from discovery and presented as argument. Feels like Apple screwed the pooch a bit but it's just text messages.
If dog's needed houses back then, they'da had Adam as company.
And still do. BB being in dire straits (not the band) is causing issues with many enterprises. I'm happy to see they ported it to other OSs. Perhaps the Apple\IBM partnerships will fastly change that landscape.
Handset to handset is best effort.Add on services like AT&T Business Messaging provides for added functionality such as delivery confirmation but requires a messaging gateway and an up charge on the each device.I work with tools that I've set to send SMS but as one of several options. One such tools sends an SMS, an email and an IM on the corporate chat. I wouldn't rely on SMS alone for mission critical.
It does seem petty. I'm interested in knowing if the sender's Messages app indicated that the message was delivered. The average iPhone user probably has no clue what the different colors signify. Reckon the lawyer think there's a lot of people affected since they are seeking Class status.I've known people that left the IOS ecosystem for Android. Never had this problem though cause their contact information gets manually removed from Contacts on whatever device is handy...
AI wins by injecting the Cult of Personality.
No one has the right to my labor but me. What happens when It is declared that I have the right to the product of your work? I do like the McRib. I'll be by tomorrow to exercise my rights.
New Posts  All Forums: