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Finder tabs was in the first 10.9 beta release as was Tags. Command-TEdit: Oh, I may have misunderstood when you said, "this update". You aren't a Dev with the beta. Sorry.
It will be ironic if it does well on Blu-ray.
I'm sure Sony has a neck strap accessory for added convenience.
Or it could be that Apple has pretty much dropped a beta update every Tuesday since WWDC with fixes and features each. What, two updates since the Maverricks release? And I don't know anyone with hands on the Mac Pro, do you?When there is news or rumors I usually find it here as original material or copied from other rumor sites.
Most likely, like Jobs, many things nunya.
Pellet to a squirrel is near free. Infinitely renewable resource. Gamo Whisper ftw.
Mine came with 128 GB of storage. 64GB was feeling a bit cramped. Didn't they up the front and rear camera as well?
Note he also hasn't (yet) said, "I'll be back." Has his wife?
Sprint Tokyo Drift Cup? We can say good-bye to "stock" cars.
Some not equal all. I don't need to google that.
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