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Mixed platform homes, perhaps. This might ease the pain of moving to iOS.
Safari on IOS 7.1 beta 3 hasn't crashed much at all on my dev Air. Don't derail the thread; Safari isn't iOS.
He/she/it is just the latest Luddite. Time to Block and move on.
Yet infinitely less limited than carts drawn by beaten dead horses.
How long before there are gloves to wear so I can Sign instead of type? I promise not to while driving. There's only one sign I need for that and it's one-handed.
Both sides are always charged.... You place a phone call both sides pay for access; you type HTTP:// and a page loads both sides paid for access. Even in your example you reveal you know little about how private networks make up The Internet. Netflix bolts to Cogent and then Cogent expects free transit into and through T1 providers all the while massively overruns the pipes. Sure it's good for Netflix cause they get cut rate access and it's AT&T's or Verizon's or L3 or...
If I purchase MLB.TV subscription and during those162 games, MLB shows me targeted ads vs what is currently a bland screen during inning breaks and pitcher relief. Instead of splitting ad time with a local cable carrier all ads and all revenue goes to MLB. In exchange for the burden of being sold at during a game MLB picks up the BW costs while I'm on the wireless carrier network.MLB bolting up AT&T directly could leverage multicast to drastically cut the bits on the wire...
You've got a helluva deadpan delivery.
This is simply not the case. Every carrier pays for 3rd party last mile, long haul and trans-oceanic. And it reads like your are not accounting for maintenance and upgrades. Think going from OC-12s to 48s to 192s to 10GE, to 100GE just happens at no cost? The savings is in the fullest pipes carrying the most profitable payload.
Combined with AT&T Internet in the home (either the current wired flavor or future home LTE IP services), this is the replacement for the traditional cable box/company. It encourages content owners to peer directly with AT&T regional backbones and ushers in levels of QoS, bandwidth reservation and live multicast features directly to the content owners cutting out the middle industry. Pick the Appliance that provides the best a la carte or bundles that fits the consumer. ...
New Posts  All Forums: