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Dev site has the build number at 11D167 and available for download. When GM or final step is released, I tend to full restore to wipe any gremlins from the beta incrementals. In AI's defense, beta testers may not be their target audience.Edit: pipped by Damn_Its_Hot [sic].
These guys... better not turn that on.
I had one device that complained that it couldn't reach iTunes to wifi sync after the update; something I never saw in incremental 7.1 beta updates. I gonna check it and see if that resulted in disabling wifi sync.
i don't believe your missing anything. Submit it as a feature request.
I'm curious, how would that matter for IOS unless you were a dev tester and had multiple builds of 7.1? Are there different build numbers based on iDevice feature/carrier?
Can you elaborate? The Anobit acquisition was 2011 and nothing seems to have happened in the 2'ish years. Any predictions?
Hell, I was too distracted by the jiggling up top to notice the down low. Consider my suggestion retracted.
or perhaps Lady Godiva Style
I thought it was a reference to all the in-the-wild-&-topless photos we see of Putin. I'm proud to say that I'm not capable of taking it where you did...
"looking to have Apple's POS systems updated or replaced" I laughed only cause my mind constantly chooses to look at all contexts.
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