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Some not equal all. I don't need to google that.
Citation?Edit: Given religion is basically defined as the belief and worship of a controlling power, it's hard to imagine pre-that, I'd call it a tie.
Given that they named their next [infinity] OSs after California rebel shit coupled with the "Designed in Cali" ad campaign, I doubt they'd seriously consider a departure. This is typical municipality shake-down.
Domesticated partners? Reckon some municipalities will have to update ordinances with the times. Only livestock allowed in my city limits consist of chickens and roosters. Perhaps individuals will apply for a license at Parks and Wildlife? Department of Interior?For clarification - I am not the one agreeing that Human:Human is a valid parallel with Human:[insert four-legged creature here].Sincerely,Devil B. Advocate
I'm OK with the first but the latter is just whack...
RIght! Cause animals are people too and protected under the Bill of...... The US Const......
Apple must think it's good business. Seems like good business in California. Did they not already offer equal benefits? If so, won't this level the field and be in their favor?
iTunes required me to turn off Find My iPhone to perform a restore to the new beta which of course required the above. Slick stuff.
I read a while back that they spun off their cable TV and Internet business. Ill try to find a cite.Edit: found this http://ir.timewarner.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=70972&p=irol-twcseparationI think content and delivery are separate now.
Because the obstacle to providing more competition in existing markets is trenching cable to each home.Because LTE will be 500Mbps per band.Because nothing says the home media gateway won't be an LTE endpoint.Because multicast IPv6 over a wireless packet network is a great way to prevent millions of independant and buffered streams of the same content.Because LTE is an efficient and less expensive means to provide service to rural areas.People clamoring for wifi...
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