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It is also a leverage game. Customers complain to Disney and perhaps Disney bolts up peering directly to that providers backbone. Or customers complain more loudly to the provider and the provider yields, turns off the filters at their peering points and pays for more transit toward that service.This isn't much different than content owners negotiating deals to add-on the lesser content using the hit shows as leverage.I think what scares traditional, cable providers the...
Because The Internet is a collection of private networks owned by companies who cooperate when it is in the mutual interest. Take a look back at The Internet ('80s) when commerce was not permitted. Look what happened to AoL and Compuserve when that commerce rule changed. Imagine everyone in your neighborhood permitted to use your wifi access to The Internet and you had no say in the terms of use. That is what it is like when content providers host on small backbones and...
Anyone running this yet? I held off because of the known issues list. Is it stable enough for a secondary TV?
I wonder how many of those are sting-ops….. Probably all.
She could at least quote some Stuart Smalley.(Not veiled attempt to go political. Strictly SNL)
Edit: Deleted. Thanks mods.
Dittios from Austin, TX; includng iPad.
Report and move on, I say.
The original text of the article had a bracket s bracket. Importing it as is cause the remaining to be strikethrough in the forums reader. Speaking of, does anyone know how to use brackets without causing this effect? I've used double brackets in the past but it looks like crap.
^Between app crashes stranding who-knows-what, the gps location staying active when not needed (i.e. all apps are shutdown), what you've stated above and lots more, it's no wonder that battery life is suffering. It's been that way since dev beta have been released. I've had battery life get drastically worse in later betas as well.
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