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Edit: Deleted. Thanks mods.
Dittios from Austin, TX; includng iPad.
Report and move on, I say.
The original text of the article had a bracket s bracket. Importing it as is cause the remaining to be strikethrough in the forums reader. Speaking of, does anyone know how to use brackets without causing this effect? I've used double brackets in the past but it looks like crap.
^Between app crashes stranding who-knows-what, the gps location staying active when not needed (i.e. all apps are shutdown), what you've stated above and lots more, it's no wonder that battery life is suffering. It's been that way since dev beta have been released. I've had battery life get drastically worse in later betas as well.
It does not have the inertia (objects tend to stay in motion) like the typical swipe operation that continues the page motion after you withdraw your finger. You do have to fully slide the screen from left to right. In fact, slide left to right and back again slowly without completing the operation, you can see the background wall paper slowly go out of focus and then back into focus. I found it quite elegant.
They have to do it a 2nd time. How else are they going to get to "the charm"? Winning!!!!!!
Sounds like your are talking about Airdrop. Between iOS 7 and Mavericks you can use wifi or Bluetooth to accomplish the above.
I don't yet get all the "appeal" talk. I didn't read the reason given for the sustained objection. Was it something like relevance? Apple would certainly want to object so the word gets out (of the courtroom). Trials are theater.The judge saying DoJ will be able to show direct evidence of that Apple did something does not mean it won't be debunked. The judge does not get to see all of what Apple has for evidence to the contrary until trial. It may be unpopular but it...
I thought my "crimes against the English language" comment was enough to indicate I was completely sarcastic.
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