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And those companies paid money up front and continue to pay to lease.
My questions were rhetorical. I appreciate you bringing the historical context that I was trying (failing) to communicate. I had to use Compuserve for business downloading Novell patches and drivers. I got on and got off as fast as possible.
Worked for me first time. Streamed season 3 first episode of Boardwalk Empire to test. I recall having to hit Back, twice.What annoyed me is a different activation for each "app" how many cable providers do most people have n one home?
What did you pay for a pots line back then? What if those providers you mentioned didn't have local dial numbers - didn't they charge a premium for (800) dial? Did AoL allow you access to Compuserve and vise versa? Did not some forums have an extra fee? I recall Novell's did but my memory is fading.Point is you always pay for transport access and companies have always steered you toward their hosted content. I.m for the consumer being the market force.Heck, in '91 I was...
Man, the public utility commissions are what prevents more than 2 providers from showing up in brand new neighborhoods; determine rules for new cell towers. These entities are all about regulating but their priorities include equal service in rural, less populace, higher cost to deliver service areas.
It is also a leverage game. Customers complain to Disney and perhaps Disney bolts up peering directly to that providers backbone. Or customers complain more loudly to the provider and the provider yields, turns off the filters at their peering points and pays for more transit toward that service.This isn't much different than content owners negotiating deals to add-on the lesser content using the hit shows as leverage.I think what scares traditional, cable providers the...
Because The Internet is a collection of private networks owned by companies who cooperate when it is in the mutual interest. Take a look back at The Internet ('80s) when commerce was not permitted. Look what happened to AoL and Compuserve when that commerce rule changed. Imagine everyone in your neighborhood permitted to use your wifi access to The Internet and you had no say in the terms of use. That is what it is like when content providers host on small backbones and...
Anyone running this yet? I held off because of the known issues list. Is it stable enough for a secondary TV?
I wonder how many of those are sting-ops….. Probably all.
She could at least quote some Stuart Smalley.(Not veiled attempt to go political. Strictly SNL)
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