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Dig the tip thing. That was my biggest issue with going with the app pay or paying with a registered card to reap the rewards. Sometimes just don't have singles.
Apple should at least scale free storage based on the number of IOS and Macs I have active and registered to my iCloud. MBP, iMac, iPad 128GB, iPhone 64GB
Reckon they'll just auction off anyone who walks in the door.
I'm vindicated. For a bit there, I thought Steve didn't take me seriously and had to wait for this guy.As to your innovative idea, is bigger better? And what should the number be after the word "iPhone"?
I beat this guy by a year with my pitch to Jobs.
How does share of web traffic turn into number of devices?
c'mon, you chuckled at the least.
Siri used to take me to the wrong place and tell me I have to get out and walk the rest of the way. US law does not allow me to respond appropriately to a wife that would say that but it does permit trade-ins and upgrades just like most carriers.
Yes but at least Siri doesn't tell you to take a left 1.1 meters after the intersection. Pretty sure that feature has wife exclusivity.
Truly I was pipped from The Ansible as well. However, my intent was to subtly bring shame on the tester that didn't check the dev site before asking AI.Please forgive.
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