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.1) You asked me the question and I'm not permitted to tell you where my guess comes from . Why don't you provide facts that show how many households don't have choice. AGAIN, that's a last mile issue; talk to the local government who makes those contracts.2) You've demonstrated that you have no clue how things work between peers and providers. Can't tell if you're being obtuse or otherwise disingenuous but it's safe to say I am done. I see,daily, how Netflix has become...
I'd guess 90%. 300,000,000/303,000,000 isn't bad. AND talk to your local PUC!! You choose to live in nowhere and expect the same access as the people who choose to live in somewhere? Hey somewhere people, prepare to get your access cost increase to pay for nowhere-man.P.S. Strange how Internet has morphed into a right. What hasn't hasnt the NYT bought into this and starting giving away ad free?
My bad - yours is not willful ignorance. Me, I won't move to your BFE so I'll settle for the choice of GigE from Google or gig from AT&T or Time Warner trying to catch up. Wait, some might call that competition.Crazy that "free" now means T1 providers dropping $60b in capital a year to try to keep current.
/sOnly great thing the FCC has done has done was fine CBS for fooling me into seeing JJ's booby. Funny that JT is now doing Apple ads. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!
So MLB, PSN, Activision, NFL, Blizzard, and more have to suffer cause Netflix drops more packets on comcast than their peering points with Verizon, AT&T, SPRINT and others can maintain? They were crushing latency sensitive stuff. This level of willful ignorance is shocking to me.P.S. So again, where is the deep packet inspection that you QFT'd? Shaping on an IP block is so 1995.
The ones in your mind.
Seriously, which carriers do you think are even thinking about deep packet inspection to engineer your experience, hide content and direct your thoughts? This is area 51 shit.
Way to move the goal posts.
The fiber and copper is not a public utility. It does, in many cases use public land but companies pay leases for the land, access, perform the work themselves (or private contracts), provide all that copper, fiber, equipment, pay for power, and provide end to end support . Companies enter franchise agreements with municipalities that are lucrative for the municipalities who require the carrier to meet service levels. If people don't like the access they have they...
4/8 is indeed assigned to Level3 as a result of acquisition. What happened to the rest of BBN outside of BBN Planet is.....?IAB wasn't formed until the mid 80s with ARIN and IANA formed much later as the U.S. Gov divested.I'll ask John how they lost those assignments next time I see him.
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